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Where is Elisa ??

Where is Elisa ??

By DeNewdeal

Saturday 6:53 Pm. "Dads Birthday "
As Elisa family Talk in the living room. Her aunt Rebecca Stands up. and says " A toast for my Big brother Will " As she smiles . Will (elisa Father ) Stands and Responds " Thank you .all for coming its great to have all the family over here " Says Will Shading a tear . Elisa Comes down stairs " Happy birthday Dad, ! " Says Elisa Giving him a hug . "So brother What Are you gonna do with all of the money , the 1,200,345 Dollars ?? " Asks Amanda The oldest sister . " My dear sister me and my wife , have planned on giving it to our 3 daughters "

Elisa Mom Comes in With a Birthday cake . "Happy birthday my love . " Every body stands. Up and Sings happy birthday . Will Gives Donna his wife a kiss on the lips . Elisa Walks with mom to cut the cake " So honey, Did you ask your dad if you can go to the party ?? " Elisa Sighs "Im Scared .To ask Because i really wanna go .but its his birthday " Donna Gives her a hug . as they pass out cakes . Elisa Runs up stairs with 3 cakes . Elisa opens her room Where her 2 cousins Natile . And Daniel where taking care of her 3 sisters .
"Thanks you guys . for watching them "
" I Don't even need to be fucking watched " Said elisa Sister Maya .
Elisa Ignored her .And Went down stairs Her cousin Daniel Said when elisa Left " Natile I really get help my love for elisa. "
Natile Laugh " That is your cousin . you have to get over her . " Maya and Her little sisters Jantie (7 ) And Ruby ( 10 ) Where eating there Cake that Elisa got for them While watching T.v

Back down stairs Elisa Asked Her father About going to the party he said Fine. So she got all dressed In her Sexy hot red Short dress With her Cousins. And Got in the Car that her father was driving them to . when they climbed off They ran In " Thank you dad for taking me ,And I love you dad " Said Elisa Saying good bye.

At the Party Almost there where 200 People there Elisa Even saw Her other Cousin Micheal Who was very tall And had Black hair and was Very buff .Elisa went to Say "Hi " Micheal Smiled "Long time no See Cousin " Micheal Responded " I agree " Micheal and Elisa Went to go get some drinks then went to the Bathroom . Elisa Slided Her smooth Tan hands Around her Cousin. While he Was Kissing her Neck .He coverd His hands Around her Ass. Elisa Pushed him away " Not now . But later my Love " Giving him the eye she walked out the bath room where she finally saw her cousins "Hey ,you guys ! " Daniel was Pissed because he saw Elisa go with Micheal " What where you doing with Micheal " He asked. Elisa Ignored It " The Fun just started "

To be continued ..

Character's : Elisa ( 17 ) Daniel ( 18 ) Micheal (20 ) Will ( 35 ) Donna (33 ) Natile ( 16 ) Maya ( 14 ) Jantie (7 ) Ruby (10) - Rebecca ( 37 ) Pete ( Rebecca Husband 45 ) Amanda (39 )

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2 Sep, 2011
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2 mins
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