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Where Is She? Whats Going On?

Where Is She? Whats Going On?

By zoec

There it was. We reached the park, I ran for the swings whilst daddy chased after me. We were about to sit down for lunch then mummy realised she had forgotten the lunch at home, so she went back home to get it. Daddy ran after me again. It was so fun. Where is she? Where is mummy? She isn’t back yet. Daddy received a call saying mummy had been in an accident. I could see it in his eye daddy was torn up and provoked. So was everyone on the day off the funeral.

1999- One year had past. Daddy was drinking everyday now and had a very sad illness. Over the year the only thing that made him smile was me, but inside I could tell that he was sobbing. Soon it was my 8th birthday. It was weird mummy not being here, she made the greatest cakes ever. After my birthday daddy become more and more pessimistic. Daddy decided to move house to get away from all the sadness and to move closer to family.

1999-november 30th – The day we move house. The house was massive, 7 bedrooms and an ensuite in every room. I loved it here but I liked our old house better. The only thing I don’t like about this house is at night. I keep hearing strange voices I didn’t exactly hear what the voices said because they were muttering. I tried to telling daddy the next day but I had to go to school that day. That day was really strange and boring. When I got home I saw a trail of blood, from the hallway to the staircase. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I collapsed to the floor. I rupted into tears. I chocked up tears all night, I weeped my daddy my daddy is dead. This distressed me so much to observe this at the age of only 8. I rushed to the phone and rang my auntie to come straight away; she was gobsmacked of my daddy’s death.
I thought it was my entire fault. I couldn’t sleep for weeks at my auntie’s house. After a few days past I went back to my house to collect all my toys. It was strange taking my first step back into my house. Taking my first breath where my daddy died. The hall way door was wide open I saw there was blood still on the floor but no daddy was there. I could feel someone watching my every move. BANG!!!!  The door walloped shut. I stared hearing them same voices the same muttering, I shouted ‘You killed my daddy you are evil’. The muttering stopped I tried and tried to get out that room and I finally did. I felt something sharp digging into my leg. I looked down at my leg and it was bleeding. I grabbed my toys and ran out the house.
I went back to my auntie’s house and started telling her what happened in the house but she didn’t believe me she thought I was messing around but I wasn’t I was telling the truth.
I went back to the house the next day to get the rest of my toys. I heard the sound of my old music box playing in the music room. My mummy bought it for my birthday.

1998-november 29th- The day of my 7th birthday. I ran down the stair to see mummy and daddy holding my cake and behind them was my special present. Mummy gave me my present. I was so excited to finally get my present. Unwrapped it. It was my own music box daddy wound it up for me the music box was singing ‘ring a ring a roses’.

1999-december 5th-present day I could remember everything that day, I remember daddy winding the music box up. I could hear the music getting faster and faster. My breathing is getting faster and faster. I don’t know what it is but I could definitely feel something going on in this house and I don’t like it. 
I could feel my body getting tighter and tighter. Bruises appearing from know where. Objects flying around my head I started to panic, my music box flew above my head and all of a sudden it landed on my head and I dropped  down to the floor, I couldn’t remember  a thing after . I woke up after a few hours, I couldn’t move my hands were chained to my body I didn’t know where I was, what was going on I didn’t know anything. I was so terrified.  
I saw a towering black figure standing in front of me. Saying nothing but muttering only muttering, ‘eerreerreerreerr’. Something was flowing through my body something heavy something mysterious. It had taken over my body, taken over my life. I couldn’t breath couldn’t move I couldn’t do anything. The thing that was taking over my body was a demon a demon that ran in my blood. The demon dragged me down stairs to the basement. He untied me then muttered ‘I’m sorry darling but I don’t know what I’m doing’. Then I realised who was doing everything to me it was my daddy. My daddy stabbed me in the leg, my daddy wound up my music box, my daddy hit me with my music box, my daddy hurt me and making me go insane, my daddy hitting me to make bruises, my daddy did everything to me, my daddy is the demon, my daddy is EVIL.
My own daddy had taken over my body. I didn’t control anything anymore. My whole life has been taken over. I don’t know what to do, I keep thinking he is going to kill me. I keep think he want me to be with him in hell, I keep having the same dream the my auntie is going to find me and I hurt her and then she tries to kill the demon and get a priest and take the bad spirts away and then I die. 
1999-december 7th- 2 days had past and that day my auntie came and realises me from the basement. My auntie wasn’t the only one to let me go just like my dream the priest came too. The priest come up to me and splashed me with holy water, and started say random words I couldn’t understand. The water burnt me it hurt so much. I threw a chair across the room and nearly hit my auntie. The priest did the same to me as what happened in my dream, everything that has just happened, happened in my dream it was crazy. I was terrified, I didn’t know if I was going to die or not. I dropped to the floor in pain. I was breathing faster and faster. But I was happy I wasn’t dead I was alive and my daddy gone for good this time no more demons. I was alive for good no one was going to hurt me or take over my body no more.
The end

Author Notes: I hope you like this i wrote this for a English lesson for creative writing please leave comments of what you think.

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22 Nov, 2014
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