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Where is she

Where is she

By Ally1234

Back in grade 1 or 2. I remember a girl named Kai-Leigh. She was differnt than all the other girls in my class. What we diddnt know was horrible. Taylors 7th birthday we were up around 2 a.m and Kai-Leigh said she had to go to the bathroom so she walked down the hall and shut the door. 5 minutes later we were wondering what was taking her so long. so all 6 of us sat down by the door and her barfing noises. We though maybe she was sick because how was a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds suposed to know about bulimia. after we all went to tays moms room and told her mom and dad Kai-Leigh was sick. Her mother went in and found her with a tooth brush down her throat. Kai-leighs parents came and picked her up a little after and she left. We all went to sleep and in the morning when the party was over we all went home. Monday Kai-Laigh never came to school nor the monday after that or after that. No one ever did find out what happend to her. 6 years later and everyone on Miss Paynes grade 1 class never heard of her again. I think most of them forgot about her, But still remember, i wanna know. Where is she.

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31 Jan, 2011
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