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whiskey lullaby

whiskey lullaby

By Grewball

“So what time do you want me to come over” asked the very eager boy? She simply replied with a half smile “9ish.” For the sake of the two people involved in this tragic tale, their names will be Michael and Amanda. See Michael, just 17, met a beautiful blonde beauty. She was smart, funny, and beautiful (even though she wouldn’t claim it). She was everything Michael was looking for. Needless to say Michael fell in love, and fell fast. Amanda was a wild one. She had issues as a child personal one that not even her mother knew, but she had explained them to Michael. Amanda could bat her eyes at Michael and he would melt. Michael had no power of this girl. Michael was always the guy in school and at a party that nobody messed with. He would do what he wanted and not think twice about it, than Amanda came into the picture. See, their was something about Amanda, she was flawless Michael saw. But of course she thought differently. See she wouldn’t date Michael. That’s where we begin.

“Amanda I’ll be their as soon as I can, what’s the problem?” Michael was nervous, in the disturbing phone call, Amanda was crying and he could only make out where she was. By the time he got their, she had already settled down from the incident. Her head in her hands while lying on her side Michael removed them only to stare in confusion. He didn’t understand “who did this Amanda, Who hit you” he exclaimed? She couldn’t talk. Her friend rubbing her back told Michael what the situation was, and who did it. “Thomas did it, they got into a fight and her hit her, I don’t know what they where fighting about” she finally said. It wasn’t hard for Michael to find Thomas, Luckily for Michael; Thomas had no car see, so he didn’t leave. Michael did things to Tom that he’s not proud to tell people, for this is a story for all ages we will leave it at Michael took care of Thomas, didn’t kill him like the thought that was going through his mind but he took care of him.

The following couple days at school Amanda wouldn’t talk to Michael. See she was dating Thomas and he broke up with her for calling Michael. So finally she had worked things out with Michael. Michael is suppose to come over to her house and eat dinner with her after her parents are off to work. So Michael, so young and innocent, thinks that this will be his big chance to ask Amanda out. He drives straight home after school, jumps in the shower. He picks out his best outfit he’s got, pair of worn blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a tux jacket. He stops by the local flower shop and spends the rest of his money on a dozen beautiful roses. Luckily he knows where his mom hides her wine for him to grab a bottle. He is so nervous; he can barely keep himself contained on the drive to her home. He pulls into the drive, smile on his face from ear to ear. Walks up her front steps, “knock, knock” he hits the door. No answer, he walks in with the wine and flowers. “Something is not right” he tells himself, he hears a little ruckus from the upstairs. Tip-toeing to the bed room on the right he walks in slowly. “Oh my God Michael, it’s not what you think” Amanda nervously try’s to cover up her mistake. Be for Michael could do, or say any thing the bottle slips away from his sweaty fingers and smashes against the floor. His flowers are violently thrown against the wall landing on top of not only Amanda and her bed, but also Thomas. As Michael runs out the rooms damn near in tears Amanda screams for him but he can’t hear her. The blood is rushing through is body too fast, he cant think, he has no control over himself at this point. He jumps into his car and reaches under his seat. He pulls out a box, on it read “for the worst day, hope this cheers you up” the box was a gift from his mother while he was in basic training. In it when he was presented with it was just a bible. But Michael had added a few things including a 5th of whiskey and a picture of Amanda. Michael didn’t know what to do, he starts with the whiskey. Driving down the one lane dirt road Michael is also holding her picture. He starts to speed up; the rain starts to come down. Michael has just about finished the 5th when he kisses the picture. He has no other choice he thinks, so Michael does one last thing, he writes not only his mother but Amanda an apology letter inside his bible. Michael takes the wheel of the car and cranks it. The call came in to his parents at about 2:30 in the morning. The family was at the verge of breaking down. At the memorial service, his Mother presented the bible to Amanda. Later that night after reading the bible, Amanda would also write an apology letter in the bible, not to her mother, not to his mother but to him. Amanda’s parents woke up to the gun shot, Amanda holding the bible and a 5th in one hand and the trigger in the other.

They buried Amanda next to Michael. No one knew what to think, both 17 young and in love. People say that Michael and Amanda can be seen together at the cemetery, holding hands kissing and giggling. The Story based on Amanda and Michael is true. The submission of this story is from Amanda’s Diary and the stories of his and her friends.


Michael and Amanda

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6 Dec, 2010
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5 mins
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