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A Whisper in Heaven

A Whisper in Heaven

By theMysteryperson

As a trip is one thing a life is another as donkey and Medeiros arrive at the castle they see the guards busy .
Halt I say what do you want , said the guard in a serious voice ?

We are coming to see the King , said Medeiros in a weird voice !

No ,the king is ill , you will scare him !

No we won't , said Medeiros !

Ok but no donkey , he said !

EEOOHH! Said donkey !

Hey what's going on , said Medeiros!

Hey son come here , said the King

I think I might die Ok , said the king in a ill voice !

( Arrgh ) the wizard came in from the door !

There is a way to stop the illness with the illusion potion, it is a Mysterious mythical potion guarded by strong guardians , said the wizard !

Where is it at the end of the path guarded by three creatures use this potion to make them disappear OK , said the wizard !

One day later :

( Rooaar )

( Arrgh what was that )

Lets go , said Medeiros

EEOOH , said Donkey!

It's the three creatures they look tough I'll hit them with a stick and you kick them into the portal OK


As Medeiros was distracting them donkey found a flower it is a yummy flower !

Donkey no , shouted Medeiros

Donkey got crazy and kicked all the creatures in the portal !

Great job Donkey , said Medeiros !

One of the creatures dropped the potion !

Good the illusion potion , said Medeiros !

They hurried to the castle and the wizard cast the magic spell and yeah the god appeared.

Please tell me you're wish , said the God wisely!

Please bring the king back to life !

As you command !

......... !

The God was gone and the king is back to rule the kingdom !

They lived happily ever after!

The End


1. What potion did the wizard say to get ?

2. How does Medeiros feel ?

3. Was it good ?


1. Illusion potion

2. Sad

3. You're choice

Author Notes: Please email at :
[email protected]
2021 Bailey Chisholm trade marks .
Copyright 2012-2019

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About This Story
30 Mar, 2021
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1 min
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