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Whisper to Wind
Whisper to Wind
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Whisper to Wind


I know it has been ended long time ago

But my heart still missing every moment we spent together.

No matters how long it might be, still my heart desiring for you.

The fact that I am still holding onto the past, and the fact that I am still love you will never change.

People might think I am pathetic, but indeed I am.

But one thing you must remember, love will not change as fast as you falling in love.

They keep telling me, time will heal all the wounds. I know

As time goes, everything will fade away.

I know it better than anyone, she will never return to me.

But let's give it a thought, if someone you love is not with you anymore. Does it mean you must stop loving them or forgot them?

Then what about all the memory you create together? All the moment you spent together with them? All the promise we once made.

There is no way for one to just erase all that and like nothing ever happen.

I know it's over for her and I accept that fact.

But to me it just a new beginning, a new start for me. Another way for me to love her.

Even everything is over for her, but I will always love her with different way.

I know you might say, that not have you loving someone. So let me asking you, so what is love?

I used to search for the answers, even know I still do.

But all I ever got is disappointment. Nobody ever telling me the absolute answer. Cause the fact there is no right or wrong in love.

I used to asking this question, why when I falling in love with someone I must suffer?

And just like other, yours answer must be that just how it work in this world.

If that the way it is, then please love make me never falling in love with someone again.

But we know everything is uncertain in this world.

I did everything to the best of my ability, but in the end, I had to give up and stop.

Because if you don't know how to stop wind from changing it direction, how can we stop someone to walk out from our life.

There is no way.

It's already such a blessing we come this far. It much more than I could ever dream of we come this far.

As long as life keep moving on, we all have to be parted in the end.

But doesn't mean we can't love anymore.

We only meet to be parted, that's all...

Since I let her go, I don't have regret. But the fact that I can't give her more, and the fact that I am not the one who beside her, it's pain my heart.

Yeah I know my heart is a fool, but to me she is the only one for me.

Because she is the only one I look at

Because she is the only one I miss

Because she is the only one I love

Because she is my beautiful person.

But unfortunately this little message will not be able to reach her.

" i used to be there every time and anytime you need me, but now I no longer beside you. So I whisper to wind, please tell her as if you're passing by. That I am right behind her. Cloud, please tell her through the rain that I am right beside her. Time, even if destiny block our eyes. Please protect the love from deep within her heart. Sky, even if I can't have more take my place and protect the path that she walk on. Star, if one day she lost her way, please guide her and shine her path. For I know she afraid of darkness. Sun, please share your warmth with her. So her day will become more bright. For I know my love can't no longer give warmth to her frozen heart. Love, please touch her heart once again. For I know what she been through . God, I know I don't deserve your kindness, but for her. Please give her happiness and make her life perfect. For I know It beyond my ability. And my love, know that I only call out your name. I draw you out with tears. I engrave you in my heart, even if you're at the end of the world. You're someone I can't forget. Until the last day of my memories you're someone I will never forget."






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About This Story
2 Jun, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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