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White Elephants
White Elephants

White Elephants

IvyIvy Lena

I’m tired of white elephants in my life. I probably must of started of with just one elephant but I’ve accumulated many more on my life journey. It’s funny how we take these elephants with us on our daily adventures. Yet no one ever acknowledges their existence. For those of you who are confused about what I’m wittering on about, I shall give you an example.

Five months ago I declared to the world, well my mum really, that I was going to move to the coast. This information was not greeted well, my mum was not happy, didn’t want to talk about it hence, a new white elephant was born!! So when I visit now my white elephant comes too. It stands in the room and looms over me..............looms over my conversations. It causes strain, misunderstandings, anger and resentment. I want to talk about my plans. I want to colour in all my white elephants, make them stand out and be heard.

Isnt it funny, how comfortable people are with white elephants, but how sad too because better relationships could be had without the white elephants.

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Ivy Lena
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25 Jun, 2019
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