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Who to Blame for the Shootings in the United States
Who to Blame for the Shootings in the United States

Who to Blame for the Shootings in the United States

papin49Roberto Perez

I prefer starting with this very used Spanish common expression, which reads: The Indian Is not that kills you, It Is the arrow. I agree with this expression hundred percent because In most cases, problems can't be solved when the power is being applied to an unaffected area. There is another famous Spanish expression that reads: The fever is not in the sheet. I'm writing those expressions in order to convey what I want you to understand in this writing.

In the wake of shootings, government staff recognized that Americans are facing a huge problem regarding security affairs; They say it is a matter of racism, black people haters, immigrant haters, domestic terrorism, white supremacism, and so on.

With that way of thinking, they are never going to stop those guys who are very well armed to the teeth looking for someone to kill. Shooting doesn't truce whatsoever; We are clear about the good faith with which the founding fathers of the constitution worked, they did what they thought, it'll be the best for the Americans, giving us the privilege of having legally, the freedom we need to live comfortably together, in peace, and harmony.

Here comes the main problem with the second amendment of the united states constitution, which reads: "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security for a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed".

The right of people who have nothing to do with the Americans' safety to keep and bear arms of high-caliber, what are those weapons used for in those hands? I think I know; to kill people. we live in a capitalist economy and so are the weapons stores in this country, and business is worth more than all our lives? We can't kill the golden hens.

What is needed to reach a positive answer, is to prevent common Americans from bearing arms without any purpose. That it's not, to keep the Americans safe.

Author Notes: life is worth more than money

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Roberto Perez
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17 May, 2022
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