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who was right???

who was right???

By applesrememberme

i was dating this guy and he was the sweetest guy i ever knew. He gave me space but yet made sure we never pulled away, I loved him soooooo much he was 2 years older but i didn't mind .then after about 9 months dating i knew he would be the one that i would marry and settle down and have kids with, so i begged my mom to let me move in with him and she said sure. On our 1 year dating annerversery i got a text from my best friend, he was like my big brother pretty much. he said that my boyfriend was cheating on me, i was frious, but i didnt say anything to my boyfriend. I knew that he would say it wasn'r true so i waited. about 6 months later he asked me to "do it" with him and i said no because i knew bout him and his other girlfriend. He started abusing me because he said he wasn't dating another girl finally i got away from him. i was able to move away just to find out i was pregnant. i was 16 and i was the victim of abuse and i was pregnant. He found me after i had the baby, Brooklyn, and it started again i tried to go to the police but they couldn't do anything and i was to afraid to reach out to my family and friends cuz i didn't want them in it. finally on my baby's 3rd b-day he snaped. Thats when the murdering started he and his friends got drunk and came home brooklyn was crying because she fell and got hurt while his friends were hitting me he strangled my baby girl then he stabed me, then they left the house. I was still able to get to the phone and get help. When the police came they pronouced brooklyn dead and i was in serious condition, 2 hrs later i died at the hospital. they caught my boyfriend but he got away again by shooting the police officer. They finally found him trying to leave the country. he was charged with 3 murders and attemted murder of a police officer. they found the third victim to be the other girlfriend that he was dating.i was 19 when i died, Brooklyn was 3, and the other girl was 17

My Best friend and her baby was killed because of dating abuse. So try to prevent it as much as possible

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12 Jan, 2011
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2 mins
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