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By MorganRain29

"It has to be done," Lucy 25 said as she walked quite causally down the snow covered streets of a English town, she will have to go to the police. see she has been getting weird things, like flowers lilies her fav & small sliver trinkets that you put on a charm bracelet those began to come on the third week. sometimes they wee there on the front step of her flat door or hanging from the knocker when she came home from working a 12 hour shirt & the town bar. Now it had to be from her childhood! cause she hasn't worn bracelets since she was....since that day her dead old step father broke it from her wrist while...trying to put his large already bloody hands around her body knows she likes lilies or that used to have sliver charm bracelets no body knows her anymore.
the white untouched snow was hurting her blue eyes as the sun beamed down on the untouched field behind her house but she didn't care really needed to get out beyond the four walls, wondering what she should if she actually saw him whoever it might be, would she fight like she didn't with her large drunk rapist of a step-father & kill him with sharp thrust with a pocket knife to his black heart.
no police, it was the right choice let them steam over it. she had a plan, but as she had the small smile on her face she knows quite a large man jumping over a fence to her left & now looking straight at her with out a moment to pause he began to march to her, she should run? scream someone was bound to here right? he was staring at her with face of...coldness she couldn't feel her face, her hands anymore, Why isn't she running, his long black hair was blowing in his own face but it didn't stop him, his clothes weird like Victorian. "Who are you?" she breathed. as if he could hear from 12 feet away he gave a crocked smile.
"Not who,what? now don't run. i'm not going to hurt you." his voice matched his face dark. its funny that was her was the last thing her step-father said.

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27 Dec, 2011
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1 min
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