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Who's There?

Who's There?

By Aleyna141 - 1 Review

Alisha was ambling in the park enjoying the scent and the sight of blooming flowers. She could hear birds chirping and little children playing around on the playground. The sun was shining and the sky was bluer than ever! It was a perfect day. But then... that perfect day ended. Alisha suddenly heard a loud CRASH!!! Like the sound of glass breaking. It came from her house. She ran back to see what was happening. Nothing there...

Later on, the exact same thing happened. Alisha woke up to a sudden CRASH!!! She quickly sat up in her bed as she thought she was having a nightmare. Alisha carefully tip-toed out of her room as she felt the cold, hard, wooden floor against her toes. Trying not to make a noise, she pulled back the light blue curtains in the hallway to see if anything was there. She saw a quick blur run past near the bush of beautiful red roses as her heart began to race. Alisha heard an adjacent rattle coming the kitchen as she turned her head and looked over carefully. Her heart was racing faster than she could count. The hairs on her arms stood up. A horrific sight...

She saw a slow, dark shadow walk past. Alisha noticed a dim light almost as light as a torch in the kitchen. She could hear the sound of doors slowly creaking open as she slowly and carefully tip-toed into the kitchen. Her heart raced as she saw a tall man wearing a black mask, gathering all her belongings. She knew she had to fight so she got the first thing she saw, the blue vase with white, floral patterns her parents had got her for her birthday last year, and smashed it over his head! Alisha searched for her phone and tried to dial 000 (911).

"What? No reception?!" She exclaimed in frustration.

So she quickly ran through the cold, pouring rain. She could feel the tiny drops of rain dripping down her face. She ran to her neighbors house. Alisha banged on the cold, wooden door as hard as she could.


Mrs. Lorry opened the door

"What's wrong? Are you ok??" She asked worriedly.

"May I use your phone? Please, it's an emergency."

"Of course..."

Alisha took Mrs. Lorry's phone and dialed 000 (911). two minutes later Alisha could hear the sound of sirens in the distance. Once the police had arrived, Alisha told them every detail involved. Apparently the intruder has been wanted for over ten years and they had done everything they could but couldn't find him anywhere. The police rewarded Alisha with a free trip to Hawaii! They took out the cold, shiny, silver handcuffs and arrested him. Alisha was safe and sound again...or was she?

Author Notes: This is my first story so it isn't the best. But I hope you enjoyed it! :) :)

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About This Story
24 Dec, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
2.0 (1 review)

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