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Who's Who - Part I
Who's Who - Part I

Who's Who - Part I

SheebaMerlin Sheeba Mary R
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My assignment today is the cutest of all. He is asleep in his desk. His book bare open and he stretches his arm on it. His strands of hair like a ray of sunshine lie in his forehead and it is already an hour I have been staring at him. There she is, I can see the serpent woman with her sharp arrow pointing at him. I can sense the situation here and I still have my stylus in my boots. I stretch my hands in position in the bow and arrow, pull back and let go and the streak of arrow flies across the room, ended in her scaly shoulder. She jumps, and disturbs the cutest sleep ever and he is awake now.

"What...the hell....was that?", he says with his eyes wide open. What a fantastic eyes he has! but, wait! Is he looking at me?, At me!!! This is bad, very bad. I am invisible, supposed to be invisible. "Who are you? What are you doing here? and what the hell was happening here", he asks. He must be dreaming. I should wake him up. I run to him trying to wake him up from his deep sleep. "Wait!, Why are you coming near", he hesitates. I am definitely going to lose more points for this.

"Who are you?"

I am done. What am I doing? A human sees me!

I have to run back to my fairy realm. I stretch my hand and my stylus from my boot flies and sits in my hand. I try to open the path to my fairy realm but a hand stops me. "Ow! Wait". He puts his hand on me to stop me. I cannot believe anything that is happening here.

"Marty, wake up you are dreaming man, come on", I try to knock him up from his dream.

"I am not asleep and by the way you know my name? how? and how did you come inside my room?"

"Fine. I don’t think you will get this but… I am Alexia, from fairy realm"

"Fairy what?...I don't understand. Why are you here?"

"I am a guardian fairy and I am supposed to protect you from any mishap Smith Marty. You are my assignment"

"Wh..what...You are right, I must be dreaming, there is no way this could be real, I have read about fairies in books. But this, I can't believe".

I sigh and about to resign from the spot but his eyes… that eyes looking at me as if I am some superhero… I can barely take my eyes on him. I am booing and cheering with almost equal fervor. I should be really going now, I took my stylus again.

"What is that?"

"That is my stylus to open the path to my world. It is called magic, you probably know".

He looks at me and frowns, "No, No, there is no such thing as magic and moreover aren't fairies supposed to be small with wings? You are way too big".

Excuse me! I am eighteen years old and no one used this term to describe me.

"I am not Tinkerbell"

You stupid moron I should leave now, don't you understand! I gave a big kick on his stomach, apologies! I have no other go now, he flies and lands in his bed heavily, and I landed in my fairy realm. I must be losing my points for this, I am sure.

I come to my house at last and I open it to see my pet Bijou. Bijou can change forms and currently he is in his dog form. He jumps, sniffs and licks me and after caressing him, I go to my room and rest in my cot. My magic mirror vibrates and I can see Rixynia, a senior guardian and a council member, has left me a welcome message.

"Hi Pixie, how is it going lately? You are nearing your final assignment and it is time to reveal that to you. Come to me when you find time, good-bye Pixie sweety! Love!"

I am in my final year of graduating as an official guardian fairy. I have topped the entire assignments and this is the last one, which I should be really concerned. My parents are the Gold medalists in the Realm Centre and they have earned the admiration of everyone and of the Destroyers too. Destroyers are fairies who cause natural calamities and every other possible way to harm humans. In the fight to guard Valmore's family, a big shot in the human world, I lost mine. I have to make them proud by graduating as a top guardian. I am now in front of Rixynia's house, ringing a bell and there she comes with the big smile. She hugs me and invites me inside. After the usual chitchats, we start talking about the final assignment.

"Sweety, your final assignment is going to be directly with the Prince of Destroyers, Falkor".

"What! With the Prince!"

"Yes, you are going to rescue the Guild Stone from their realm. They are going to celebrate the Prince's birthday on Friday this week and lift the power of Guild Stone. If they do that, the Stone becomes more vibrant and they plan to cause a big destruction to the human world with it".

"Oh My Gosh! I have to stop that and Yipee! This is going to be a real challenge for me. By the way, who is going to be an opponent for me in this?"

"Byn, your classmate"

"What! Byn, that moron is competing this against me! Well, he is going to see the real Alexy this time. I will make him regret for all that he has done to me. It is my time!

"Be intelligent Pixie, the one who crosses the Guild boundary with the Guild Stone will enter our realm".

"What about the other one?"

"Expelled from Fairy Realm"

"My Gosh! I pity Byn!"

Ho! I bid goodbye to her and now I am in my favourite spot above the mountain. I walk around in the rainbow mist and savor the incredible natural beauty. I look at the sparkling silent waterfall, which shines like stars from the sky light. Bright and scenic fresh flowers all over and the chirps of birds around, I close my eyes and dwell in a vivid but ethereal scene. It is as if I have a sweven that I see another pair of beautiful eyes looking at me. Marty.

The next moment I am in his room, definitely invisible this time. I see him doing his hair in front of the mirror. He finishes his grooming and lifts his tees to see the scar in his stomach. Oh my God! I should not be doing this. He sees the scar in the mirror. He will definitely hate me for this. Nevertheless, he smiles at the scar. He looks deep into it and says, "Alexia!”

My gosh! He is thinking of me. I am grappled at his charm. He sighs and sits in his armchair near the window and looks at the sky, "Hey Fairy queen, you are far more beautiful than a normal girl. Your blue tint eyes, your style, your attire, your natural burgundy strands, your red-pink lips, your speed, you really are a magic to me". His idolatry of me is one step removed from stalking.

"Why do you think of me?", I suddenly appear in front of him.

"What..the..!", I startled him obviously. "Alexia.. you are here.. when did you come? were you with me throughout the day, I mean, are you supposed to follow me?, he jumped in joy.

"I don't follow you, I just protect you from mayhem".

"So, you are up with your next assignment huh?

"Yup, this time a big one, my final assignment which makes me the best guardian when I graduate"

"Oh good!, I least know that you also have a same procedure in your world too. Anyway I am happy to see you again"

"May be yes, I am happy to be back too. I know it is forbidden in my realm to be visible to humans but I hardly know how you get to see me every time"

"Perhaps, I am so special! By the way, Can I come with you to your world? I want to see it."

"No way, humans are forbidden in fairy realm. We will be punished to death if it happens. Destroyers sense the human scent easily. It is dangerous and impossible to return alive. Humans can't stand the journey".

We talk a lot about our world and it is been one hour since we started sharing our ecstasies in each of our worlds. He takes me to his garden where he asks me to sit near him under the tree. It is an indescribable feeling. “No, It is time to leave Alexia, don't let it happen”, voices my mind. I do not know what I am doing. I know I will be punished for this but still I want to length it. I do not want to stop seeing him. I am so into him. He talks a lot about his world. He says that his parents are dead drowning and their bodies are not found. His long dark eyelash flutter against his cheekbone, slight smile on his lips, that fast flickering smile he delivers in between makes my heart flutter. He holds my hand; his hands are warm and soft like a cushion that I admire in his sofa.

That feeling has grown much more deeply as our time together has grown. There are so many wonderful things about him that I wonder how on earth did I get so lucky to have such a wonderful human in my life. He sees me and says, "Alexia, I have never met such a beauty in my life, I have heard a lot about Angels and you look like one, don't leave me".

He said. At last, I have been imagining him saying these kinds of words from my age of twelve. I know it is never going to happen, but today it is real. Like a child experiencing the long lasted vocation, I also wonder at the magic happening now out of my control. For the first time I can sense the magic snowing in front of me, without my effort. I have seen magic from my stylus but now I see it peeping out from his eyes. It is time to leave, the sound in my mind voices aloud this time. I quickly take my stylus, open the path like a flicker, and enter it.

My heart thunders loud to my ears and I am breathing heavily now. My eyes are misty and I barely see anything as if I am unconscious for so long. Both my mind and heart is whispering his name, loud. Out loud. Slowly I gain conscious and I try to move forward but my hand is still held behind. I wince, aghast to hear some voice, "Holy buckets! Wow! How marvelous!".

I turn back and there he is...

Author Notes: Hope you enjoy the story.

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Merlin Sheeba Mary R
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16 Dec, 2018
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9 mins
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