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Who's Who - Part II
Who's Who - Part II

Who's Who - Part II

SheebaMerlin Sheeba Mary R

Author's note: unusual vocabulary used in the story

agelast - one who never laughs
lacrima -magic crystalline substance
glower - frown
brume - mist/fog
scintilla -tiny spark
brontide - distant thunder
gorgonizing - mesmerising
eunoia - well mind
lovat -greenish blue

I am done. What have I done? If they find, they may kill him. “Why the hell have you come here Marty?”

“I cannot leave you just like that Alexia, I am sorry”

“You are not supposed to enter our realm Marty. It’s forbidden. They can smell you and if the Destroyers come to know, you are sure going to be dead, why have you done this to me?” I am panicking. “They will punish me also for doing this. You have put both of us in soup”

“I am sorry, I did not realise the danger ahead, forgive me Xia, I am sorry”

Ok. I have to be calm now. I can redirect him to his world before anyone sees him. I take my stylus and draw the pattern hoping it will resolve the terror existing here. Path is not opening now. Great!

“What? Why is it not opening?” I try again and again and it is the thirteenth time I fail. I am shattered, completely broken. I sit on the ground, hands on my face, feeling lost. He sits next to me in enough terror and says, “What do we do now?” I don’t have answer for that question and I don’t even understand why my magic doesn’t work now.

After few hours I have decided to take him to Yora. Yora, the magic dust creator, works on many equations to produce new types of dust and solutions for different uses. He may understand the problem and probably he is the only one who can solve the problem.

I take him to Yora after much trials and finally we are in front of his house. Now, the difficult part is, I have to pass the security Hino to enter the house. Hino is an agelast protector and he senses every bit of danger around every corner of the Guardian realm. Ufff! I take courage and I bring Marty along with me. Hino stops us and asks, “Hey Pixie, how are you? Who is this with you?” he frowns his brows and looks at Marty. I am starting to be nervous but manage to say, “He is a new comer from the Outside realm Hino, we want to meet Mr.Yora”

After much thought, he agrees and we are in. I doubt how he is not able to find Marty’s scent. With lab glasses, tiny mixing bowl, spoon, funnel and empty bottles to hold the dust, Yora is busy pouring some blue tint lacrima to a big cora pot and cautiously inhaling the smoke comes out of the fresh solution. He turns and says, “Hai Alexia, what a surprise! Heard that you are doing amazing in your assignments and looking forward for your final test. Hope everything is fine”. Everything was fine few minutes ago but definitely not now. “What can I do for you?”

“Yora, I am in an extreme danger and you have to help me. My stylus is not working, what can I do?”

“What? Stylus malfunctions! Hmm! Tell me first, what have you done?”

“I…. I brought.. I.. by mistake.. hmmmm, I brought a human with me”, I lower my head after words come slipping out of my mouth.

“What..!!! A human! What are you telling Alexia? Have you forgotten the rules of realm? Do you know what will the counsel do if they come to know this? How can you do this?”

I don’t have time to answer all these question right now. When I am about to say something, a voice overtakes mine, “No, it is my mistake. I only came following her, I am sorry. She doesn’t know anything”

Yora glower at him and after few seconds of scrutinising he asks us to wait and goes inside his room. He comes back with a solution bottle in his hand. He gives me that green-pink solution in a small 5-inch bottle and gives instructions.

“Here, you can use this solution for your problem but you have to be very careful. You can use this solution only thrice. You can use only one part at a time and the next part after 24 hours. You have to make him drink the solution however his mind should focus on a single idea when he drinks this. Be careful with this solution as this is the last bottle I have and I am out of the ingredients to make another”

Finally, I have one solution in 5-inches. I have to use it wisely. We thank him and leave the place. It is a brume evening time, I take him to the outskirt of my realm and now I have to try the solution on him. I make him drink the solution and while the solution rushes down his throat, his eyes has a scintilla that glare at me with the longing to stay with me. He is about to convey something but I warn him to think only of his return to his world. I draw the path with my stylus and wait for few seconds. Nothing happened. I try again but nothing happened this time too. I look at him in distrust and my forehead is wrinkled but he says, “I am sorry Xia, I cannot hold my thoughts on you, I don’t want to leave you”. I hit the ceiling now however I hate the tears come rolling down my cheeks. He wipes it away and yes!.. The magic of human touch! I close my dewy-eyes and feel the brontide inside me, his fingers are like the feather of a peacock gliding on the flowers near the shore and it is gorgonizing me. Some feelings are left unsaid.

Finally I take him to my house after passing many fade smiles around. Bijou, currently in his dog form, jumps at him as soon as he sees him, I turn Bijou into a cook and ask him to make something for us. He stares at Marty for few seconds and goes to a kitchen. I bring him to my room and ask him to sit. He looks around my room and finds my bookrack appealing to him. He is surprised seeing my collection of books, basically romance and action thriller novels. “Hey, you have a nice collection, no doubt you are a genius”

We start telling some of our favourite Milton’s lines and I adore his eunoia and by the time Bijuo enters, I am sinking in his pair of lovat ocean, experiencing Milton’s words in my heart, Biochemically, love is just like eating large amount of chocolate. What a pulchritudinous human he is! Bijou comes inside and places the drink, while we are dwindling in our hinterland. He clears his throat and bring us back to our realm. I took my eyes off Marty and hesitantly moved to Bijou to take a glass of my favourite orange-pear cocktail.

Bijou asks me to come aside as if he wants to say something very important to me. We go to our living room, where he says with a clear and deep tone, “Who is he Xia?”

“He is a human and my… friend, Bijou”

“No, I suspect he is not a human”

“What?... What do you mean Jou, he is a human and I have been protecting him for more than 5 years”

“Xia, you know I am good at sensing things, and I now sense he is not a human. Definitely, he is something else”

What! I am stunned and look back to Marty. It produces significant emotional shock that temporarily overwhelms myself. I ask to him inside me, “What are you Marty?”.

  • To be continued

Author Notes: I hope you like the story. If yes you can buy my book which is available in amazon, flipkart and notionpress under the title CROSSING REALMS: A ROMANTIC ADVENTURE CAUGHT IN FANTASY.
here is the link for purchase:

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Merlin Sheeba Mary R
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28 Dec, 2018
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6 mins
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