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By Katherine37

They day you asked me out I was so happy. I thought that having a boyfriend would be great, but it just felt like I was carrying a thousand more pounds above my head that threatened to crash down at every move. You were by first boyfriend and I was excited to get on the bus that day to see you, but you didn't even acnolage my existence and I felt as if it was just some kind of joke that you and your friends were playing on me. So that day we broke up I ended it, but I was to late to stop or change the fight and he punched you and you ran. You two fought over his girlfriend and you never even told me what was going on.

So a few weeks later I talked to you for the first time and you told me you loved me, how do I respond to that after what you did. You hurt me and I can't forgive you. You expect me to but it's so hard. You told me to wake up from my dream of friendship but I can't because there is not dream, you think you know me but you don't so I wish you would just stop saying "I love you" those words pulse through my mind like a drum beat that you can never fforget and it hurts me to say no to you but I'm not ready for a relationship with anyone especially not you. Goodbye my first love.

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14 Jan, 2012
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1 min
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