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By epaynter45

I'll always remember her sweet little voice how she always said she loves me and I'll never leave you ever she said.. until now.

dear babe

i wish i could tell you how much i love you and everything but now your gone and i miss you soo much i wish you could be here and hug me and kiss me one more time. i should of known that you were upset you should of told me and i would of done anything to help you out. when i walked in on you dead on the floor i was defistated and very upset, i saw your not too im sorry i wasnt there for you when you needed me most but i was at work trying to get money so i can spend it all on you and everything you want but now your gone because of me i just want you back soo much... now look what you have done everyone is feeling sorry for me when you knew i hated that you knew i hate when people say sorry for this and that and now you are dead you've made it 10 times worse and now i dont even want to go to school becase i know everyones going to feel sorry and shit, my family are now telling me their sorry that i loss you well thanks again.

i love you

love your boyfriend


then i threw the letter into her grave so it burrries with her.... i miss her soo much though and she killed herself because she shot herselff with a bullets in her head now taken out and burried with her.


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31 May, 2018
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