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What did I do wrong?
Come on I did something
No human should feel this gone

If reincarnation was a thing,
then I must have killed a king,
Cause things don't seem right no more

Bottom of Hell.
Well that doesn't even start to measure how hard I fell.
Well you might disagree,
but to me thats what it seems

Simple things have to get done right
Can't slip up, not in the slightest
Cause it comes back to pile on my list of problems

Am I right to feel wrong?
Senior year is supposed to be great
Not when you think about mistakes.
each and every flaw you know gets held against you

"Well don't think about them."
You can say that, but that doesn't work for me.
You see someone who doesn't worry, thats fine.
Worrying about me means I have to juggle you too.

You can say I'm not worthless
or a screw up or whatever name you choose.
Just tell me this
What have I left for you when I die?

Trust me I've thought about this
its nothing,
Memories aren't there
You've never cared about me
I could sever my ties with this world
You all will grieve for a time
Then turn on a dime and continue on

I used to be normal
(if normal is a thing)
didn't self mutilate
Now all I can think is
"Great, one more reason to do it."
I hate what I've become
and knowing I was different doesn't help.

I know I'm not the only one
There has been, and always will be,
others carrying this issue.
I just want to know why this exists
These problems where we question ourselves
and recieve depression and anxieties and whatever else.

If Heaven isn't here then this must be Hell
cause these problems sure aren't fun.

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About This Story
11 Aug, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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