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Why am fighting you

Why am fighting you

By resie

Two women standing in a field holding swords one experience wars for many decades,but still continue to fight. One name is Scar, she has that name because of the cuts, bruises, scrapes. wounds, holes, and gashes on her body. She has experience countless wars many times but for what? She didnt know the answer herself. All she knew was war, war is in her body and she bleeds it.

The other women name is Hate. She hated war with a passion and she would do anything to end this war. She assassinated many kings and queens just to prevent wars from even sparking. Leaves fell from her tree every generation and she was the last leaf left on a withering tree. Hate eyes were filled with anger looking at Scar and knowing what she had did to countless people.

"Once your life ends here so will this war." Hate said griping her sword. "Than what, once you end my life another war will start up because of my death. I am beloved by many people for what I have done for them. I saved more lives than I took from this world. Wish I can say the same for you Hate." Scar said loosen her grip on her sword. "I took the lives of war breeders, kings and queens who wish for bloodshed instead of peace!" Hate said with anger towards Scar. "So you end wars with bloodshed instead words. Words are our most powerful weapon but were unaware of that. The strength of your words can end wars not your blade. That will only increase the wrath of war." Scar said with a small grin on her face.

The sky begins to cry seeing two hero's stand before each other. One of their lives about to come to an end. Scar grips her sword and charges at Hate. Hate dodges to left but Scar knew she would dodge instead of blocking. Hate gives Scar a clean slash against her back. Scar could have block her attack but didn't she drops to ground. Blood drips from body walking across the grass, but the rain makes it run. Hate walk around Scar with her sword pointed towards the front of her neck.

"Why didnt you block my attack Scar?" Hate said confusedly

"If I would have, this war would never end, right." Scar replied back.

"Don't let it consume you Hate, once that happens you'll be like me.

"Seeing nonstop death till your own." Scar said as she took her last breath of life.

Hate look at Scar lifeless body as the rain wash away the blood from her. Hate look into Scar eyes, she notice the pain that were in them is gone, but only by her death. Hate pick up Scar sword and now knew what her new goal was.

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About This Story
17 Apr, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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