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Why Are You Running?
Why Are You Running?

Why Are You Running?


Then I saw him running away. The expression of fear on his face made the adrenaline rush through me to start the chase. I knew he’d run, but why now on our wedding day! I would’ve spared the mortal had he just done as he was told, but his defiance will make killing him a lot more fun. I start to unhinge my jaw in a rage but I know I can’t let the others see, not again..

To be fair, the man was rather fast in his attempts to flee, but he was only delaying his indubitable end. I lunge forward and grab his arm. The coward whimpered as I flung him against a tree. I grab him off the ground and make him face me and I have just one thing to ask.

“How would you like to die?”

He looks away, his eyes wide and starts to say something when his mother walks outside.

“Look at you two kiddos messing around,” she says.

Uncle Alfonzo walks out as well. He lifts a hand in greeting, smiling eerily, and I didn’t fail to notice that his other hand was aggressively itching his rear end. I am disgusted by them both and try to regain my composure. I doubt it’d affect the gene-pool much if they all were to die today. I finally have had enough, I unhinge my jaw and head straight for his relatives. This time, I didn’t bother hiding my true self for there would be no witnesses who’d get away. I slice Alfonzos throat with one scratch of my nails.

“NOOOO, I LOVED HIM!” my almost mother-in-law cried out. I… humans are filthy, I lunge onto her and rip her heart out.

“NOOOO, I LOVED HER!” my almost husband screeched, running over to the fresh corpse to hug it in a loving way. I almost feel bad, I slowly walk over to him.

“Is that why you wouldn’t marry me?” I asked with a smirk.

He looked me in the eyes and said “NO, I saw what you did”.

“You’re going to have to be more specific, love, there are many things I’ve done in this lifetime that can trigger this reaction.”

“I saw what was in the box...”

A slow smile formed on my face as I realized just how much this mortal knew.

There is something in his hand. I lean in closer to see what it is, but before I can tell, the item is speared through my side. It burns.. I have never burned.

“What is that?” I demanded.

He gets up and starts laughing hysterically. “It’s called a kurd, a weapon that’s been passed down in my family to rid ourselves of your kind.”

I pull it out and shove my finger in the wound, healing it instantly. “Maybe it could kill the weaker creatures,” I spoke, “but you’re going to need a stronger weapon to kill an immortal.”

He looked un-bothered and kneeled “ Please end me quickly...”

“If it’s a quick death that you wish for, then it’s not what you shall receive,” I smiled down in anticipation for what I’d do next.

I grab his neck and sink my nails into his skin slowly as he winces and tries to scream. My fun had just begun.


“NOOOO, I LOVED HIM!” the ghost of Uncle Alfonzo shrieked.

Author Notes: This was very hard to write I had tears in my eyes the entire time as I felt how sad this lady was.

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About This Story
14 Jan, 2022
Read Time
2 mins
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