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Why Can't I Have That?
Why Can't I Have That?

Why Can't I Have That?


I look and see all these happy couples together, boasting their love for each other.

Seeing the way they look at each other, like they're looking at the whole world.

I see them holding hands, kissing, hugging.

I hate it.

I hate that I don't have what they have.

That I don't have someone who loves me for me

I don't have anyone looking at me like I'm their whole world.

All I have is a broken heart and scars.

Everyone tells me, "You'll find someone who will love and adore you,"

I know I will, but why not when I need someone the most?

When I need someone, a special someone, to just hold me and tell me they love me?

When I need just that one text from them that will brighten my whole day up.

Why can't I have a taste of what that's like?

Instead I get guys who see nothing but what's under my clothes.

Guys who only text me when they're bored and in the mood.

Guys who leave me broken.

Guys who mess with my head and emotions.

Why can't I just have that lovely someone?

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7 Sep, 2017
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