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Why Did Daddy Leave?

Why Did Daddy Leave?

By angel - 1 Review

There was a love like no other between a daughter and her father. She loved him and never thought she would never lose him she was his littel girl. He was so handsom and he loved his littel girl so much he would tell her stories at bed time, hug her and give her kisses, and got her ice cream everytime she was a good girl. It was just like they where never apart and couldent stay away from each other very long. You would of never belived that there was such a most wonderful relationship between a father and his daughter.

There was this one day where her mommy wouldent stop crying "why are you crying mommy?" she asked standing at the side edge of the tabel. Her mother looked up with soaked filled tears and said to her "nothing baby doll its ok" and she hugs her mother. She gose around the house looking for her daddy and finds him in the front porch siting on the porch swing just siting there. "Daddy!!" she says so happy and runs to hug him and he holds her he trys so hard not to cry he knows he has to be strong he holds his littel girl so tight never wanting to let her go. Soon that day he hugs his wife and gives her a kiss and the same his daughter she dosent know whats going on but holds him so tight as he gets up he smiels and says "I love you both" and left as she waches him drive away she yells "bye daddy!!!" and waves seeing him wave out the window.Ever since then she would wait next to the door or sit there on the porch swing waching the road hopeing to see him return.

Today was the day her father had left it's been 8 years now and shes 12 years old and she still wonders why he had left but she dosent want to think about it. The next day from the day he left her mother came home and said "its time you know the truth". She sits down on the recliner and waits for her mother to tell her whats going on as her mother trys to tell her the thinks to see her mother cry is making her cry. Her mother desides to take her to where her father was she is so exited to go see her father she tells her to close her eyes and waits her mother leads her out of the car and leads her to her father. "okay open your eyes" says her mother she opens her eyes looking for him she dosent see him she looks down and sees a stone it was ingraved with words it said " here lies john a great man" her eyes fill with tears she falls to her knees and hides her face sobing. Her mother hugs her and says "im sorry I never told you" she holds her daughter "its okay mom" her mother wispers to her daughter "he had canser and he didnt want you to see him die" tears fall from there eyes and she holds her mother so tight. As her mother holds her tight she looks past the tome stone and sees an angel its her father she smiels and says "I love you daddy" and he smiels and says "I love you my baby girl" he fades away and she closes her eyes.

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29 Jan, 2010
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2 mins
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