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Why did you have to go

Why did you have to go

By Nooneimportant

I miss you so. I hate that I can't see you anymore. All because of that stupid bitch. I miss the times we had. When I was with you I was truely happy. But now that your gone and I hate life even more. I rember how you talked to me differnt then everyone else. You treated me as if I mattered. You were all I needed to smile. I remember all the times we had. I wish I could be half the person you were. You treated everyone as if they were the same. I can't help but cry all the time. I don't understand why you had to die you were a good person. You had nothing but love for everyone. When all I did was hate. You didn't deserve what you got it should have been me. I wake and scream because of the nightmares about your death. The worst part is I never told you I love you. Now I don't have the chance. I'm hate that your daughter will never know you. And that your brothers will never see you again. I hate the way your mother cried when you died.

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19 Mar, 2011

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