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Why did you take her?

Why did you take her?

By Me

Nightmares of the darkest kinds, ones of slaughter, blood, and betrayal. I remember when I was five, when they were taken from me, we were walking up the driveway to our house………our neighbor, Tira, appeared out of the shadows, a knife in hand and a sickening smile plastered on her face. I fell to the ground, clutching rocks and broken glass, to my face. As I started bleeding, I heard the screams of my parents being muffled. When I thought I couldn’t be any more scared, when I thought nothing could feel worse, my mother’s bloody body fell on top of mine. I try so hard to forget, but if it’s something like that...when she didn’t get back up, and I finally stopped screaming, I wriggled out from under her so I could try to help my dad. As soon as I got close enough to Tira to do any damage, she whirled around and slapped me so hard, I flew back a couple feet. I felt so helpless, so worthless, so…….weak. In my moment of adrenaline, in a moment of sheer panic and desperation, I picked up a shard of glass and shoved it into the back of Tira’s neck. She turned around to face me, with blood coming out of her nose and eyes. When she spoke, I could feel her hot breath, as blood poured from her mouth. “This is only the beginning, you’re just like me. You will kill again and when you do, I’ll be there to see how you did.” Then she fell back, dead, her vacant unseeing eyes staring at the sky. When I was sure she wasn’t getting back up, I went over to my dad and tried to help him up but he was gone.
My wife, Caitlyn, stirred beside me pulling me out of my reverie. I’m glad she did, because she helped me forget what made every second without her so miserable. I lay back down next to her, thinking about how much I loved her and I slowly drifted into the realm of dreams. My dream turned out to be a memory, it was when I met Caitlyn…..after my parents were killed, I’d been sent to an orphanage/school. When I was a junior, she transferred to Vikki Loren’s home for girls (I was already attending) and when she and I wound up in the same classes….we became best friends, soon we became a little more….Okay, a lot more than friends. Before I knew it, we were married, and moved to Boston. Then I woke up the next morning, Caitlyn was in the bathroom brushing her beautiful hair in front of our over-sized mirror. I stretched and walked into the bathroom with her so I could brush my teeth, when she spun around and kissed me. I put my arms around her and kissed her too, I picked her up and we spun around in each other’s arms. Sometime later (I lost track of time) we slowly broke apart breathing hard, and finished getting ready to go to the movies with our friend Logan, we walked out holding each other’s shoulders and giggling about how funny we thought Whip Ass was going to be.
We found Logan and went in, but Caitlyn and I got bored in the middle of the movie and started texting each other quietly, so we didn’t disturb the other patrons…..then, everything went black. I grabbed Caitlyn and pulled her with me to the ground, and motioned for her to grab Logan. When she did, I held her so close to me you’d have to get a crowbar pull her away, we heard a ruckus and when I thought it was safe to get up and sneak out, a tear-gas grenade went off. It was only a couple feet away from us so Caitlyn and Logan were out within seconds, but I was used to this type of thing because of the “extra curricular activities” I took part in when I was in high school. I stretched my arm as far as I could to pull Logan on top of us, then I pulled out a package of powder, opened it, and blew it at Caitlyn. It took a few seconds but, it worked and she woke up, “Are you okay?” I asked her. She kissed me but I saw the worry in her eyes, God I loved her. “Caitlyn we have to get out of here!” I could barely hear myself, I have no idea how she could. But she nodded nonetheless. “I think we should wake Logan up.” “Yeah me too” I woke him up and we got out, we ran to our car and drove home, Logan right behind us.
We got there first and went into my secret room in my office, I pulled her to me and hugged her so tight I didn’t think I’d ever let go. “Caitlyn, I love you so much it hurts, I don’t know what just happened and I don’t care as long as I-“I was cut off as she kissed me; it was a sweet, soft kiss. But this might be the last calm moment we would have for a long time and I loved her too much to let anything happen……and I had a bad feeling about…..about……She pulled me closer to her and wrapped her arms around me, so I pulled her to me and kissed her harder. I was so happy to be with her, after all this time she still loved me and I was absolutely crazy about her. She paused and for a split second I thought that there was no time for this, because Logan was coming and we needed to just relax, but she undid the first three buttons on my shirt and I gave in to my senses and took off hers. We were both so ready, so willing to give ourselves to each other…..she almost had my cami off when I swear to God, Logan started yammering on the door. When she looked at me with those golden eyes……I melted and let her take my cami off the rest of the way. I tuned out Logan’s constant banging and kissed Caitlyn with all the passion I had, my arms wrapped around her and she gently pulled us towards the couch in the left corner of the room. She flipped us and I wound up on the bottom, I thought she would drown me with her sweet kisses.

We apparently fell asleep hugging each other, because I woke up with her in my arms and I was in hers. It was 6 in the morning and I was happier than I had been for a while. I hugged Caitlyn closer to me and I got up, careful not to wake her, and got dressed. I got in my car and sped to Krispy Kreme to get some coffee and a dozen cream filled doughnuts. When I got stuck in some traffic, my cell buzzed like crazy so I whipped it out and read the text message I’d just received from Caitlyn.

Where R U?

I punched in: On my way home, be there in 1 minute…..Love U. And put it back in my pocket because the stoplight changed. It buzzed again but I didn’t get it out because I didn’t feel like getting in a wreck bringing my wife coffee. Within seconds I was neatly parked in our driveway, but as soon as I closed the car door I knew that there was something very wrong. The front door was wide open, swinging gently in the breeze. I ran in, heading straight to my office, where I found a note that read:
It’s time for you to live up to the expectations set by your mother. Your wife will be the first, but not the last, one we will kill. Submit or she dies. You Have 1 month.

I’ve spent the past month tracking down and killing the people responsible for Caitlyn’s abduction. And every time I killed someone, a floating ghost-like version of Tira would appear and give me a smart ass comment about how well I did. I’d just gotten a call from Logan about Caitlyn’s location, she was at a carnival on the river and I was headed there right now. I got there in a matter of minutes; I turned around and got my SAS-12 out of the backseat. I thought the creepiest place was the first place I should look so I headed to the Hall Of Mirrors. When I got past the front door, there was a trail of blood winding through the maze. My heartbeat quickened the same time my pace did, but the further I got into the maze, the more doors and hallways there were to be seen and walked through. After walking for about 10 minutes, I let my mind wander back to all the times I’d killed without a second thought, slaughtered, and shredded….and the worst part was that…I’d smile in my victim’s face, just before they’d die. Just before they’d lose all hope of getting back up, and winning, I smiled like one would when they successfully took candy from an older sibling…I was suddenly ripped out of my memories because I slammed head-on into the door at the end of the hallway. Once I was through the door, I was lead into a very large circular room. The lights suddenly came on, and they revealed Caitlyn’s bloody body on the floor in the middle of the room. I threw my gun at the door and ran to her; I lifted her up and held her in my arms, crying. Hugging her to me, and getting blood all over me, I pulled out my pistol and pointed it at my head. Just before I pulled the trigger, she squeezed my hand and whispered, “I love you so much I came back to life.” I tried to stop myself but it was too late, the trigger had already been pulled, and I was finally the one who wasn’t getting back up.

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30 Sep, 2010
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