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Why Do I Still Trust People
Why Do I Still Trust People

Why Do I Still Trust People

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Hello darkness my old friend
Within your shadows I find myself
The person I've hid from the light
Hoping I might be what you want
Cause what I am doesn't seem to be right

This fasad though,
Its destroying me
I try to be caring
but I'm wrecking myself the more I attempt to help

I try to confide in people
I expect something
A little reprieve is all
(Its nothing major)
from me myself and I receive rejection
5 different people deceive me
(a growing list I'm sure)
they just dismiss it as ramblings
since it doesn't fit your description

You say you'll listen though
that I can talk to you about these issues
Do you mean it?
Do you understand what you imply?
Can you get why I'm being skeptical?

Are you okay with being called at 3 am?
Could you cosole me when I'm shattered?
Would you accept what you find inside me?
Please think before you say i can talk about my problems
because I'll assume you've prepared for the worst then

When will I learn?
That no matter how much I yearn
for that spun yarn of happiness to be true
That its all a ruse
Its ends are frayed and split
Its better suited to be an ugly wick
than a thread in a happy quilt

I should just accept it
That no one means it
they won't listen indefinitley
that they won't demonstrate fidelity
to what they said they would

I should accept that truth
but I know I won't
Like a moth to a flame
I will come back to this circle of misery

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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27 Jul, 2018
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