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Why Do We Miss the Changes?
Why Do We Miss the Changes?

Why Do We Miss the Changes?

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You know what I don't understand?
Is how it is so easy to hide so much pain behind a fake smile. I mean is it not obvious when someone is hurting? Not the obvious kind, no I mean the kind that goes unnoticed. The one that screws with you mentally leaving you looking perfectly fine. Guess I sort of answered that myself. I suppose it is worth mentioning that people don't normally look afraid, Why is it that it is both obvious and not obvious when someone is dealing with these internal demons? You start questioning if you even matter when no one seems to notice you are hurting. Ironically enough it seems to me that those who do care enough to ask the quick question of "How are you?" are people who are or have been in that same place. It bugs me that we humans are blind and deaf to the silent screams for help and that the only way to see peoples pain and begin to hear those screams is by entering that hell.

I wish there was an easier way for people to begin to see those who are suffering. I want to be wrong when I say people don't seem to care or notice those who are suffering like this, but it is all I have seen, Unless your agony is visible it seems like people either do not care or do not notice. Perhaps it is because people do not like to dwell on such heavy topics, for they are truly painful things to try and understand.

If you are reading this and are going through this living hell of depression, anxieties,and other issues that are not physically noticeable then congratulations.
Congratulations on still living and not giving up yet. It is really hard trying to deal with these things, even when there are people there to support you. So for you to still be alive despite all of the pain you are in is always worth celebrating.

To those who haven't experienced this living hell, I hope you never do. Calling it a living hell is not an exaggeration. It truly is a living hell dealing with these issues.
I offer you this piece of advice, a little something you can choose to keep in mind or ignore. Pay attention to those who are close to you.
These issues are not loud and pronounced, they are often shown subtly and it isn't hard to miss the changes in those you care about.

Author Notes: Well this all started with a question and the rest sort of followed.
If you are going through these issues and want or need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to talk to me. I want to help those who are hurting like this and I know it helps a little bit having someone to talk to. It is an offer if you want to accept it.

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19 Nov, 2018
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