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Why Do We Pity the Moon?
Why Do We Pity the Moon?

Why Do We Pity the Moon?

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Why do people assume that the moon is miserable? What if the moon is perfectly content with itself? What if the moon is happy with living in the sun’s shadow? Maybe the moon is relishing in its quiet night, maybe it does not want the attention. Maybe it is truly content, so why do we assume that it isn’t? Why do the tired souls, the lost ones, and those of us who live in the shadows claim the moon to be ours when it is likely that it is nothing like us?

I suppose we project what we feel onto the moon. sometimes it is as though there is nothing for us but the moon. a lot of us relate to the moon for we think it is unloved as we are. the world pines and praises the sun for its efforts, “why of course I would choose the sun over the moon, after all, it brings light to our world.” and while the sun does indeed do that, so does the moon. for if the moon was not present the night would only be pitch black, while it does not bring as much light as the sun, it brings just enough. praise the moon for its efforts as it does much for us. we cannot all be overachievers so we should start appreciating those who do just enough, for we all are enough.

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22 Dec, 2020
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