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Why Do We Suffer?
Why Do We Suffer?

Why Do We Suffer?


What is the purpose of sorrow?
Sometimes a dull melancholy
Other times its as if the world is caving in

For what reason do we need to experience these things?

What is the purpose of rage?
Sometimes a mild irritation
Other times its as if you would seriously kill them

Why do we have to experience such emotions?

We don't want to feel sad or mad
We don't want to be afraid or frustrated
Certainly we just want to be happy and content

So what cruel being decided we shouldn't be just that?

The fleeting moments of joy are something truly beautiful
Maybe that is what suffering is for,
A means to see the things we actually want clearly

Would we even know what it means to be happy without sadness?
Or to understand the meaning of love without hate?

If we are suffering, does that mean things were not always this way?

They say hindsight is in perfect 20 20 vision and I'm inclined to believe it
I may be wrong, and it surely wouldn't be a first, but
we experience these painful feelings for a simple reason.
They serve as a reminder for what we truly desire
We wouldn't know what the light is without shadows right?
So I bet we wouldn't know what happiness is without sadness

Honestly that sucks.
Wish we didn't need to hurt to understand what its like to not hurt
Yet I'm a little glad that it works this way
Makes it easier to know when you've found a piece of joy
Someday we'll all find it I bet
Lets promise to never forget it alright?

I think it works similar to a flower's cycle of life
They struggle to no end to go from this small bud to becoming a beautiful flower
Only to sadly wither in fall and die come winter
But we never really focus on the ending of a flower do we?
Not really
What we think about is seeing them again in the future
and while we wait we remember their beauty when they were with us

If you lose your will to live
If you lose someone you love
If you lose yourself in the noise
Just remember that its okay
You'll eventually find a new reason to live
You'll never forget the time you spent with those you love
and you'll still be able to see where you came from, even if you can't hear yourself anymore

Suffering is our cruel way of finding ourselves
Our values, dreams, and desires.
Well thats what I believe anyways.
Maybe you'll find a different reason for suffering

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About This Story
18 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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