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Why do you treat me like this?

Why do you treat me like this?

By lillith123

I'm sitting in a dark corner or i think it's dark. im on my hands and knees screaming "stop it stop it!" She's hitting me with something metal. All i can do is stop screaming and she'll stop. But that is something that is hard to do.
I'm standing behind my mother, in tears i try not to stop her. i try not to think about helping my brother. She's hitting him with a metal pole over the back head and neck. I am forced to watch or i will get it too. This happens every week. One day it's his turn the next day it's mine but mine is different.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Everything is wet. My back head and neck. I stopped screaming. She stopped hitting. I wait a little while longer until i know she's gone. My sister comes and helps me up and takes me to the bathroom. She fills the tub with cold water and gets me into it. It's crystal clear but when i sit it turns to red.
I'm sitting next to him, he is quiet i try to help him clean up. He doesn't want to move so that makes my job harder. He finally gives in and helps me then before we know it he's out and in bed. I sleep on the floor beside him because im scared im going to lose him during the night and plus i don't have a room.
I'm in bed. She's the only one who loves me. My sister and i are close. We never fight because we know we will be beaten. I roll over onto my side. It aches but i manage. She's fast asleep. Her dirty blond hair all down her back. I whisper just loud enough for me to hear "I love you Maggy" and i fell asleep.
Evey morning im in a different room. The door is always closed but i know whats happening. He will make me like it or it will last longer. I hate it. They are lucky the can afford abortion or else there would be babies crawling around like crazy. He comes in. He ties me down, i cannot move my arm or legs im stuck until this abuse is over and he lets me go.
I wake up and she's gone. Just a typical day when is she never gone? I walk out into the kitchen to get the "food" that is so called my breakfast. I take it outside because my mother is drunk and asleep at the table. After i eat i have the feeling like i want to run, run until the sun dies down and never come back, but i can't leave Maggy. She would hate me and i would hate my self. So i wait.
I know my way home from that place but when i walk in Damon is there. He is holding a box of matches and a jug of gasoline. Our mother is drunk and asleep at the kitchen table. I look at him one more time and take him into our bedroom. I have one big bag, we pack our clothes into it and our things that we wish to bring with us on our journey. I take him out side of the house and tell him to wait. I go back inside and find rope and a gag. I tie my mother up and put the gag in. She is still sleeping. I pour the gasoline everywhere around her and down the hall way. On the couch and and in our bedroom. i make sure everywhere has a bit of gasoline so this place burns down.
I'm standing outside waiting for Maggy. It was a bad idea but i hate living here and so does she. She walks out side and runs to my side. I ask her why she hasn't put it to flames. She is in tears she says she can't kill a person and can't burn down a home. I take the match box and walk inside. I look around. strike the match. I look at the blue and orange flame for a second. it gets close to my hand i throw it and it starts. I run out side to my sister and give her a hug unrelieved. We take each others hand and walk down the street. We don't look back, besides isn't that one of life's lessons? Look ahead of you and and you will succeed!

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About This Story
1 Apr, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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