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why dont you love me?chapter 1 part 1

why dont you love me?chapter 1 part 1

By demoncaitie123

i walk in to the class all i see is a head of black hair,"good morning," i turned to the black hair,just to see his face,"hm?o-oh!good morning!"i said,in a timid voice," okay?" i flinched,was he...talking to me?"huh,o-oh yeah,im fine i pr-p-promise "i laughed a little bit in a shy-er voice,"soo,i need to get back to my seet,ms.hodge will yell!"i smiled,my face bright,but i had a pimple,EIK! i get to talk to him and i have a PIMPLE!~

its the next day and the pimple named tomm is dissapearing,"oh,good morni-yawnnn-ing!"i finished slowly,bumping into manuel's best friend,(manuel is who i like,) "oh,sorry patrick!"i laughed nervously,"eh?no problem,i didnt even notice..hey,who do u like?"i flipped out,"HUH!!!oh,uhm i dont like anyone..realy!"i shifed to him,"are you sure,i mean,realy,you have been shy!"he looked at me,then steve walked in and it scared me,he was directly behind me,i kicked him somewhere boys shouldnt be kicked,he teared up a little"OOFH!"he crumbled to the floor."OH IM SORRY I-"manuel stopped me,"DU-HO-HUUUDEEE!AWESOME,DAMN CAITLIN,YOUR KICKS ARE BEAST!"

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7 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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