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Why is there a sky?

Why is there a sky?

By amiXD

“Have you ever wondered why there’s a sky Kristy?”
“no I haven’t. Then… Ryan why is there a sky?”
“I don’t know but if I ever find the answer I’ll tell you”

That happened years ago.

Me and Ryan were best friends.

He always had my back I always had his.

We were inseparable…

But later on he moved and we lost contact.

But I still can’t forget that one question he asked me when we were young.

“why is there a sky?”

Even though I’ve grown and my mind has become more mature I still didn’t know the

News spread around town that Ryan’s family had returned

Of course I went to find out if it was truly him

When I knocked and entered the house

To my surprise I found his mother staring at me

After a moment she smiled weakly with tears in her eyes

and handed me a letter

I asked her what it was but she didn’t answer

She simply told me to go home and read it

When I finally read the letter

I smiled. I finally knew the answer to the question Ryan had asked me

Ryan had told me in ink.

Why is there a sky?

I finally know

Its for the people leaving earth to watch over people they care about back home

Just like me

sorry i have alot to improve on

you can talk to me, give me advice, bored?
email me :] at

[email protected]

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About This Story
16 Jul, 2010
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1 min
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