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Why Now?

It has been fifteen years since the deaths of my friends. The person who did it (his name is nathanial) is getting out of jail in a couple of months. His wife Sarah, had passed on due to cancer not that long ago and I now take care of his youngest daughter Lily, who is less than a year old.Unlike her older sister Liz who had hazel eyes with a hint of grey, had the darkest most intense brown eyes. As Liz and I walk through the park with Lily in my arms, Liz starts to ask about her father. I tell her that I unfortunately do not have much information to give her since I only met him once all those years ago though I do say how he is getting out soon. As we walk on she becomes distraught and I question her on why she was so upset. She pulls out the letter and I read it. It was dated from the day before.It only has seven words on it and it stated "You will pay for what you did". She starts to get panicked and says how scared she is. We go to the police station and give them the note. They take it and I ask if I could take the case since I left the lawyer life behind and became a well renound detective. They agree and I start right away. As I start pulling information together I tell Liz that she has to be near me for most of the time and other rules and things to live by until this is taken care of. I take the note to the forensic lab while Liz stays in my office with Lily. While they start working on that I get a call from the local prison saying someone once to see me.

Once I get to the prison I call to let Liz know I will be running a littlelate and then they lead me back to a man I dont reconize.The guard goes out of the cell and stands by the door.He says how he is one of the guys that was put away for murdering my friends. Then the other guy that was put away came out as well as her father. I ask why they wanted me there and the said to get payback for what I have done to them. By the time the guard came in to help the damage was already done. I leave in a daze and get into the car to go back and get Liz and Lily. As I am driving down the road, a car is swerving on the road at a high speed. I swerve to miss the car but it hits the side of my car and that is the last thing I see and remember before my vision goes black and I go unconcious. While I go in and out of conciousness I hear things like "lost to much blood", and "I don't think she will make it through the night". The perform surgery while Liz was waiting in the waiting room with Lily. Once the surgery was done,Liz were notified and went into my room. I was heavily sedated and on a lot of painkillers. After a couple days I wake up, and see Liz in a chair with Lily on top of her. I gently wake her to tell her to gome home and get rest and freshen up. She says that she was at home not long ago and to not worry about anything.As the weeks go on I am supposed to take it easy when I get out in a couple days. The one nurse came in to take tests to see if there is anything of worry. When she comes back in a couple hours with the results she say everything is fine and then a smile goes onto her face. She say congratulations on becoming a parent. My face pales and Liz and the nurse give me a quizzical look. I smile and say thanks and the nurse leaves. As Lily plays with my glasses Liz askes who the father was since I wasn't in a relationship at the moment.

As I describe what had happened at the prison, Liz starts to cry and asks what I am going to do. I say that I am going to keep the unborn child and that there was no use in pressing charges against the two guys since they had life in prison without parole but I was planning to press charges against her father and she nodded. Once I got out of the hospital I did press charges and her father sentence was thirty five to forty years in prison.We figure out that the person who wrote the note was someone at Lizs' college who was stalking her for months. When he was confronted he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Liz who had Lily in her arms. I draw my gun and say not to shoot.He goes on a rampage on why its not fair how people like her never like guys like him. While this was going on I slowly make my way twords him and once I get close enough I quickly grab the gun from him and as he pulled the trigger I aim it upward so it wouldnt hit anybody.He gets three and a half years for aggrivated assault.A year and a half goes by and in the April that came a beautiful boy came into the world named Johnathan. Life is pretty normal as its going to get with a two year old and a newborn. I was making my way to the graveyard to visit my friends and Saras graves with earbuds in. Once I was standing in front of the grave and as I was putting flowers on the graves I was oblivious to the person behind the tree. The person aimed a gun at me and fired. I went into epileptic shock and the person came out behind the tree lifted up the mask to reveal that it was Liz, and while she was walking away she said, "nobodys perfect now are they?"

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About The Author
Victoria Koschoff-Rapkin
About This Story
5 Mar, 2019
Read Time
5 mins
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