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Why - Part 1

Why - Part 1

By SoundOblivion

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rain. She was 10 and had 2 younger twin brothers at the age of 5 named Jayden and Jaylen. They also had a younger sibling. A little girl with the age of 3 named Lily. Rain adored her siblings and would do anything to protect them. Their parents were rich and they lived a lavish lifestyle. They had all the toys in the world, and the best private tutors a student could have. Since Rain was oldest, she always looked over them as they played. Even when they were outside in the woods nearby, she made sure they were safe. She taught them a special whistle and said it was a game. Every time she whistled, they whistled back. They were always a happy family. They spent time together a lot and went on many trips. But one night, Rain decided to sneak out of the house and walk to the nearby town. She wanted to know what the world around her was like. Once she got there, she saw many lights and was enchanted by all the people there. She explored many shops only to discover hours have passed and she needed to get home. She walked home, daydreaming about how life would be like if she lived in town. All the people she would meet, all the things she could learn. She decided she would come back tomorrow as she climbed back through her bedroom window.
The next day was no different than any other day. Rain watched her siblings play as her parents worked, then when they were done; they would spend time together as a family. But throughout the day, Rain couldn’t help but to think about what she would do at night. She couldn’t wait to go back to the town. Soon, the sun went down as the moon shined proudly above. Rain hopped out of bed and into all of her siblings’ rooms to check if they were asleep. After that, she checked on her parents. When she knew everyone was fast asleep, she ran back to her room and out her window. She ran towards the town with much excitement.
While Rain was out in the town, having the time of her life, 5 thieves broke into her home. The thieves took many many things from the house that looked valuable. The house was big and thought it would take hours to bring items back and forth from the house to the truck they had. Just then, an idea struck these men. Cash, cards, and checks were much lighter than big items. A wicked smile grew across their faces as they started their search for the bedrooms.

To Be Continued...

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31 Jul, 2012
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2 mins
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