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Will You Stay Even When I Drive You Mad?
Will You Stay Even When I Drive You Mad?

Will You Stay Even When I Drive You Mad?



a smile flickers across her face before she runs to him and throwing her arms around his nape, she says ‘Welcome home honey’

Holding her face in between his palm, he smiles into her eyes ‘I thought about you too. How was your day?’

Locking her arm with his, she laughs and adds , ‘okh so it goes like’

With his back resting against the spread of cushions on their couch, he intently hangs on her every word. He reads the lines of her face as she goes from one subject to other, and laughs. She talks on everything and nothing all at once. He loves watching the play of expressions on her. He never wants to let go off her.

He makes her world bright and her, so much light. She turns to their bedside clock and it reads almost midnight. Sensing the start of turmoil in her system, she sits up on their bed feeling slightly disoriented. Afraid to wake him up from his slumber, she silently tip toes out of their bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she gets comfortable on the couch. Afraid to close her eyes, she picks her favourite book off the shelf. She sighs deeply and flips open to the page she had been reading.

Minutes roll into hour and when she still fails to find sleep, she decides to run into the comfort of her sleeping pills. She pulls open her dresser and on not finding her only resort, she panicks thinking ‘what now? How am I going to fall asleep?’

‘Looking for these’ his voice pierces the silence of the darkness around. She turns around to find him standing behind her. His look of betrayal sends a different kind of pain to her.

Him - ‘you promised’

Looking guilty she says ‘I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to wake you up’

Holding out his hand to her ‘Sweet heart, how can I rest peacefully if you are walking around fully awake at the dead of the night in our home’

Tucking her back behind their comforter, he let’s her use him as her pillow ‘talk to me’

Her - ’Mmmm. I had a nightmare’

Him - ‘And’

Her - ‘And I was looking for you but you weren’t there and that scared me’

Hugging her more into him, he pulls out a little box from one of their bedside drawer.

Slipping a band on one of her finger, he says ‘I wanted to wait for your birthday but I guess, tonight is perfect’

Him - ‘Honey! Now whenever you feel scared, look at this and remember - I’m always going to be by your side’

Her - ‘Pinky promise?’

A laugher fills his heart. Dropping a kiss on her temple, he adds ‘Pinky promise.’

Her - ‘Even on the days when I drive you mad?’

Smiling at her innocence, he reassures her ‘Yes. Even on the days when you drive me mad’

She lays back closing her eyes. She looks so at ease as though she needed that confirmation of him never leaving her alone. As though all she needed was to hear him say that he would always stay despite her folly.

He decides to let her doze off for now. He will make her promise to not use her pills again. He worries about her so much. He finds himself wishing to be able to always keep her smiles near by. He understands that she is going to go into her space every now and then, but it would be so much better if she will let him in and let him, for a change, scare away her demon.

She has his heart. And If only he could see her more happy.

Author Notes: When life takes away our loved ones, one after the other, it scares us to get attached to someone new again. What if they leave us too? What if our folly drives them away? What if one day we open our eyes and not find them there?
It will break our hearts all over again.

- From a heart of hopeless romantic; I hope I get fortunate enough to find a love which will always stay despite my follies, despite all the hard stuffs, despite my mood flips. A love which melts away my sorrows. A love where I can respect my man and where he will love me with all his heart. Perhaps.

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About This Story
29 Jul, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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