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By Friedchicken101 - 1 Review

I got an eerie felling when we made our way up the street. It was October 31, 1996. I had gone trick or treating with one of my most unreliable friends, Eve. Eve was a good friend, but she always seemed to ditch me. This time, it went too far. She had convinced me to go trick or treating in the most scary part of town. This part included the old abandoned mental hospital,Wingate. The gates were always open, but everyone acted as it was always shut. The mental hospital got closed down after an insane patient, lost his mind completely. It didn't end out well, as he is an insane minor. We turned the corner and I felt weights on my feet. My stomach felt upside down. I knew, Eve, would make me go into the mental hospital. It wasn't illegal of course. Two years ago they tried having Recreation basketball games there. After they went inside and realized the hoops were in the cafe, they decided they better not. "I think we should call up some friends, like John and Patrick. Then they could meet us here, and we could go inside Wingate" said Eve. She took out her phone and called them. After they came, we went through the gates.
We walked to the big iron door and pulled it open. Where we landed was an ice cream parlor. The leather on the seats were peeling off. The paint had chipped off and spread all over the floor. I was beyond scared. We walked through a hall into a classroom. I felt the wind get knocked out of me as I read the chalkboard. It had said "Help". I wanted to get out of there, but I knew there would be rumors of me at school chickening out. I looked outside and saw the black night. I jumped out of my day dream and realized they were continuing on. We landed in a hallway, scared half to death. They went into a bedroom. Inside was a cot, a dresser, and a straight jacket. Normal stuff you would find in a mental hospital. As we kept walking, we soon realized we were in the spot of the incident. Blood splattered the walls, telephones of the hook, beds in the hallway, and chairs snapped in half. We opened a door and went through a hallway. As soon as all of us went in, the door closed. We all looked at each other. "It was just the air conditioning" said John. "Your stupid no ones paying the bills" shouted Patrick. "Just shut up" said Eve. I kept walking and I was in the lead. I turned around and realized no one was there. I was beyond mad and sick of Eve always ditching me. I kept going. I'm going to find out for myself what's going on here. Then, a lamp fell. I screamed. I had to get out of here. I ran to the door we entered in but it wouldn't budge. I ran through another hall and found another door. I opened it. And ran through. I soon realized this did not go outside. I was in a hallway, and I wasn't alone. With adrenalin pumping through my body, I wasn't stopping. I stepped over patients and doctors and kept running. I looked down at the body I was about to hurl over and realized it wasn't just any body, it's was Eve's. I screamed in pain of seeing my friend like this. It was too late to stop. I ran through a door and landed in a rotunda. Sitting in a wheel chair, was Patrick. I then heard a scream. I spun around and saw John. I told him what I saw and we decided we had to get out of there together.
We went through halls and found a note. It said "One may want to escape, but once your in, your in. Follow my riddle and you shall return home safely. Go to the rotunda third floor and you shall find your second clue." "Wow. Someone must really be messing with us. But who? No ones been in here for years" said John. "Or at least that's what we think." I said. We raced up to the rotundas third floor. Sitting on the window sill. Was a riddle, "You are shown two doors - one leading to hell and the second one to heaven and only the door guards know what is behind the doors. One guard is always lying and the other is always telling the truth (of course, you don't know who is lying). You can ask only one guard one question.
What question can get you to heaven?" "I don't understand" said John. "This is a classic riddle. You must ask who is right." I said. "So we go right?" Guessed John. "Exactly" I said. We ran down a hallway which lead to two stairs. We took the one on the right. We pushed on the door that lead out to the dark night. And boy, I was happy to be out.
Twenty years later Eve still has never been found. Me and John, who were now married with three kids, never speak of the event again. From there on out, we decided that going into abandon hospitals is never a good idea.

Author Notes: Please add any suggestions in comments !!!

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5 Nov, 2016
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