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Winter's Rose

Winter's Rose

By WynnBrothers

Spring saw her birth
Summer saw her grow
Autumn robbed the Earth
And covered her in snow

The trees have lost their leaves
As torrid winds have blown
Taken by Fallen thieves
As fleeing birds have flown

She's left with the unknown
To forage, to find, and to earn
This Winter she's alone
Many lessons she will learn

The past is left behind
Washed clean by the sweeping snow
New treasures she'll find
New life she'll soon know

Be it good, be it bad
She'll face it all on her own
Be it happy, be it sad
She'll reap what she has sown

Though she appears lost
She is now free
Her childhood was the cost
But a woman she’ll soon be

I know I'll see her when the snow disappears
I know I'll see her when the birds return
This is the prayer flowing through my tears
This is the destiny for which I yearn

An angel not yet with wings
A hunter awaiting her first kill
She's the song nature sings
The fate of man at her will

When she learns to play her part
Then she'll dazzle and shine
She'll win the world's heart
Just as she has mine

She will need patience
She will need a strong will
She will need a sixth sense
To survive Winter's long chill

Winter had only one rule
She'd need to master it to survive
Wisdom without focus is a fool
Only purpose keeps you alive

She's not what she seems
She's not what they say
She haunts my dreams
She poisons my day

She has struck down many men
They have been powerful and Great
She can turn blessing to sin
She can decide your fate

She's the Winter's Rose
But not a rose at all
She's more than anyone knows
She can make the greatest fall

Alexander knows her name
He conquered the world and wept
Then she extinguished his flame
And forevermore he slept

Her beauty they easily see
That's their first mistake
She's more than they want her to be
A closer look they should take

She is God’s greatest gift
As are they all
Civilization is hers to lift
Without her it will fall

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9 Jan, 2015
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