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A wish to undo it

A wish to undo it

By marinifernandez

A wish to undo it

“Wait!” I cried. “You forgot you wallet!” he then turned and faced me. Suddenly “BOOM!” I heard a loud crash. Here’s how it all happened. It was 2pm when I was on my way to do groceries when suddenly a man with fair height carrying a black bag came to the driveway. I stepped on the breaks causing my car to completely stop bumping my head on the wheel. “Stop!” he announced “Are you crazy? You could’ve been killed” I shot back. “I need a ride it’s an emergency! I have to get to the nearest pharmacy fast!” he pleaded. “Hop in” I replied hiding the pain he caused. “What’s your name?” I asked Fernando Garcia Guzman was his reply. I drove as fast as I could, using all the short cuts I know. “Thank you so much, I’ll pay you for your trouble ma’am” he announced when we were arriving the store. “No that is not neccessary” I assured him. He then asked to be dropped accross the pharmacy. We were standing right accross the store when suddenly he had a phone call “Will you please hold this” handing me his bag. Then he hurriedly left leaving his bag with me. He was crossing the highway accross the pharmacy when I remembered I was still holding his bag. “Wait!” I cried. “You forgot your bag!” he then turned and faced me. Suddenly in an instant “BOOM!” I heard a loud crash. “Oh no!” I quickly ran to his aid then directly dialed the police using the phone he was carrying. He was lying there bloody and I can’t stop thinking it was partly my fault. Guilty, I tried to soothe him but it was no use he was unconscious. What am I to do? I thought. “Help!” I cried endlessly hoping to undo this accident. I prayed for a miracle but what can I do? I barely know this man and yet I am partly responsible for him. Minutes later the ambulance came with the police and they asked various questions. I was still stunned with what had happened. I explained to the police about his attempt on asking for a ride, me carrying his bag and shouted “Wait!” and so on. The police tried to comfort me saying “it was not your fault” the truck driver was drunk. But I still can’t believe it happened in an instant. And now I still can’t believe I am carrying his bag until now. I directly gave it to the police and explained who it belonged to. I saw Fernando being hit, saw him in a huge pile of blood, saw him being carried to a nearby ambulance but what can I do? I just hope I could undo it. The police allowed me to accompany Fernando to the hospital in the ambulance. I rode with them while all the emergency professionals did all they could. It seemed that he was fading fast and all I did was sit there hoping for one wish. A wish to undo it.

End of story. email me at: [email protected] I love to receive feedbacks.

Author: Marini Fernandez

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15 Feb, 2011

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