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Without Me, You Are Nothing

Without Me, You Are Nothing

By KevinT

So much people say today that "you are nothing without me" or "if it weren't for you she would be nothing", and yet you see that you are much more something than them. Some people do take this to serious and really think that without them they are nothing, yes you are nothing without them. Since you think that a person is more important than you are, well your are nothing without them. Sad to see this, but most of time this is what happens. When this happens you try to solve the problem that you had and this would make that person would think she or he has power over you and he indeed has power over you, since you are returning to him or her. People be strong and take you own desicions. Say what you don't and stand up in what you believe in. I have a friend, which she is the best person I have known. She does all that I have written. She stand ups to what she believes, is honest, and makes her own desicions, but sadly they hate her for that and that what makes people not wanting to do it. You may say she is a blubber-mouth, but no she is great girl. Since she is different from other people and they see she won't be her puppet, they start hating her and start back-stabbing. Even if they hate her or back-stab her , she continues to be happy, becuase she says what she wants and stands up to what she believes , but with logic. If you stand up to something and you don't have logic .Then you will probably be an idiot talking with no sense. So I end this disscusion, thank you for you readers , I already had 60 views on my first "short story". Thank you very much :D, here are my two emails so you can send me things you would like for me to discuss or things that have happen to you so I can talk about them and show the good way to get over it. My email= [email protected], [email protected]. Thank you again :D

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20 Apr, 2011
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