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Without Music

Without Music

By Lilith_Garnet

Once there was a young girl named Lilith Garnet, she was different from everyone else. If she told you her real age, you wouldn’t believe her. Her physical appearance was 21, but she was actually 943 years old. She’s seen the innocent bid an empire, then she watched them fall from a lost battle. She’s seen her loved she loved fall to the ground and go into an internal slumber, and she was there at their birth. She would keep this all to herself. She keeps all of the lives of her loved ones on her shoulders. She watched the world that we know to be born, and she will watch it fall, well that's what she thought.

Today is June 14th, 2001, and today Lilith was walking home from the store. Just another normal day with her. As she walked down the back road to her house, the red dust flew with them into her face. With the wind blowing her long blonde hair with purple and blue streaks in her hair. She tried to cover her face with her arm and the other one holding what she got from the store. She tried to walk a bit faster than she normally would, but no matter how much she tried she couldn’t do it. With one of her earbuds still in her ear, she continued to walk. Not looking back she continued with one foot in front of the other until she reached her home. With what she thought was her music playing in her ear was nothing more than silence. Yet for this era didn’t have music, they didn’t have what others in past era took for granted. Yet she still thought of the music and wished it was there. Yet to her the people in this era were ignorant. She couldn’t stand some of the people there.

Two months later, Lilith was moving into a new house. She’s never seen it before, this is her first time seeing it in person. To her, the pictures looked promising to her. She was moving the boxes into her basement. Then she saw something all with a big cloth over it. She walked toward it. Once her hand touched the cloth she pulled on it until it came off the mysterious object. It was a piano. There was dust all over it, but it still worked. She tapped on if the keys to hear its music. Then she ran upstairs to get a duster to clean the piano. Five minutes past, then she was finished. She though the duster down and sat on the stool that was next to the piano. Her fingers lightly taped each key and the beautiful sound filled the house.

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21 May, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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