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Without you

Without you

By BrokenDyingAngel

It's been a year since you've been gone
But the pain of loosing you is still so strong
But for you we struggle to make it through
And the son you never got to meet looks and acts just like you
I wish you were still here
You were someone so strong and dear
You were so loved that no words can tell
But we know your never really gone because you are our angel
When we need to be stronf I can feel your strength in me
With your strength theres nothing i cant achieve
Eventhough we are making it through
Things will never be the same without you
I mourn your loss all the time
A young man of only 29
You are the most amazing guy i've ever known atleast the king gets his throne
This is a sin god forbids
Taking a young father away from his young kids
The night you died
even the heavens cried
Now your out of harms way
You are where the angels stay
You were a man so brave so true
So greatly loved I had to write this tribute to you
To show our love to a man so great
One last thing R.I.P Nate

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About The Author
About This Story
6 Jul, 2011
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1 min
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