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TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I am happy and honored to embrace it.
Never again will I refuse to face it.

This world is not my home.
I am linked to the stars.
Tho' my feet on Earth do roam,
My power flows from afar -
Beyond the Moon or even Mars.

These planetary limits
I will transcend.
The fabric of my reality
I will bend.
Off the darkness
will I fend.
I am created for victory.
I am destined to win.

I have awakened
I am conscious
Fully in tune
With the voice of my conscience.

My eyes are open, so are my hands -
Ready to manifest who I really am.

While on the terrestrial plane I do stand
I am more than human, more than man.

The Revealing is imminent.
The possibilities are infinite.

I am vibrational, I am electric -
Magnetic, kinetic and energetic.

As for genetics
Super is my DNA.
I could break loose
Any time, any day.

I must -- I will rise to my potential.
Then my progress shall be exponential.

I must navigate
The ocean of human emotion
So I can create
From inflowing celestial notions.

Many are those who do believe
They know full well my identity.
This group did include me
Before and until my spiritual awakening.

From this point
Nothing will be the same.
Now I see the Truth
Now I feel the Flame.

I will no more suffer needlessly.
I can master anything easily
Provided I climb to a higher frequency.

My cells are aglow, my aura is bright
Shielded within a field of cosmic light.

I take my position, I take my place
Among the advanced members of Space.

The outer reality
Reflects the inner me.
It's all sensory;
All is energy.

Every stress is but a mental test -
A challenge for me to better manifest.

Each surprise a valuable exercise -
Training me to masterfully materialize.

Amidst the human jungle of opinions
I will assert my spiritual dominion.

I will ascend, I will reign
For stardust flows through my veins.

Up to this hour
I have been a shell
Of my real power
Of my true self.

In a world seeming to get worse
I shall remember this first -
I am a seed of the Universe.

© Matt Decker

Author Notes: A Starman's Creed

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
9 May, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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