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Wolf Attack in Carpathian

Wolf Attack in Carpathian

By Princess_Laina

One late winter night, a tree fell on two innocent hunters in Carpathian. Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym, former enemies, were trapped under the tree for at least ten minutes, both injured. During those ten minutes, they became friends and agreed to a truce. A few minutes later, they were surrounded by ferocious wolves. Still trapped under the tree, they were defenseless. The wolves closed in and started attacking.
Their movements were so fierce and desperate that they ending up missing the two wounded hunters and hit the tree many times. Later tests show that there had been a drought in that area, causing some of the vegetation to decrease which caused the animals to migrate, leaving the wolf pack behind. Hitting the tree so many times had caused the tree to slowly move off of Ulrich. He struggled to stand up, only to be knocked down by one of the wolves.
After that they dog-piled on him, brutally tearing off his left arm and tearing off bits of flesh all over his already mangled body. Even through all the pain and chaos, he still found the time to worry about his newfound friend, “Georg’s screams were very loud… and very frightening. I wasn’t quite sure if I was screaming as well but it was horrific.” Ulrich found a large branch and started beating the animals back, practically wrenching his shoulder out of its socket.
He was almost fading in and out of consciousness, the blood loss close to fatal. He somehow managed to get the wolves to back off, and he proceeded to knock them off of Georg. They escaped and started running, leaving Ulrich’s arm behind as bait. They only made it a little way down the winding path before they could hear the wolves growling close behind them, practically snapping at their ankles.
“He turned to me and said we should split up. That way they’d be confused.” Ulrich confessed, tearing up. So they went their separate ways down the path and Ulrich made it to a gas station, where a bystander called the police. Later, they sent out a search party to find out what had happened to Georg. “He went back… all they found was bits of him strewn across the forest.” Ulrich said he’ll never forget the truce and now lets the Znaeym’s hunt on his land whenever they want, in the memory of the friend he barely had.

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2 Nov, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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