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Wolf Girl

Wolf Girl

By Manchee

San tenses next to me and I grip her scruff to calm her.
My legs are stiffening up in this tree but I cant afford to give away my position.
These people I've so closely been watching.
Who are they?
Are they like me?
Forced to run from whoever wants us dead?
Or are they like them?
Those who want me dead?
I don't know, and it's damn right troubling.
I reposition myself and no way can I attack now with my legs curling underneath me.
San's getting impatient next to me. She can smell the scent of cooking meat wafting up from the campsite below us.
There can't be more than six of them, all gathered around a fire.
Even though I'm not close enough to see I'm pretty sure there all male. Something about their shadows gives them away.
I've been up here three hours. I can tell by the position of the moon.
The air rises on the back of San's back and she lets out a whine.
I silence her immediately but I'm not fast enough and the arrow narrowly misses my calf, but it's enough to make me lose my position and stumble out of my hiding place.
I crash down into the camp below and I know I'm in trouble.
There's a long feud where I struggle against a pair of strong arms and a lot of weapons are drawn.
I continue struggling but I know it's futile. My captor is much stronger than I am, but I give a signal to San to hold her position in the tree.
I can't see any faces clearly in the flickering light of the fire so I sit there breathing heavily glaring at the faces I can occasionally see until-

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About The Author
About This Story
19 Mar, 2011
Read Time
1 min
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