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Women in the Windows

Women in the Windows

By John Smith

The beautiful cobblestone streets of Amsterdam in the middle of the night. Standing looking up at red lights and red curtains with half clothed beautiful women from all over the world. Looking at you and waiving you in to their little red rooms.

Whenever a man finds himself gazing at a hooker in a window in that moment he has become a John. Before he has even put his hand in his pants pocket to double check that he still has his fifty euros. This was his first time in Amsterdam and thirty minutes after putting all of his stuff away. He was already stoned and had a beer he now was standing outside in the rain looking up at the most beautiful eastern European woman smoking a cigarette in lingerie. She then pointed at her cig and waived him off. The sting of being rejected by hooker set in then went away. So he looked to the next window at a woman he had scanned past. She was not the blonde blue eyed that he was looking for but she would do. He went inside.

It smelled as clean as it could I guess he thought as he quickly looked around the room. It was a room with a bed built into the wall with a mirror above it. And there was a sink. Next he heard her tell him to take his clothes off as she pulled the red curtains to shut out the rest of the world. She was already naked.

After paying what was do and an awkward hug good bye. He was on his way to a pub. He spotted one with a big green sign that said Grass Hopper on it and walked in. After ordering the only thing that was on several different taps behind the bar which was Heineken. He started slugging back his big frosty mug of beer. After looking around and seeing the place filled with smoke. Decided to light a cig. After one drag the bartender was running over to him and said cannabis only! He forfeited the cig and put it out. Smiled and asked her if she could repeat that because he thought it was awesome. She smiled and said there is a tobacco room upstairs. So he ordered a couple more beers and carried them up and found a table with a view over the canal. Lit a cig then let evening unfold in his mind again because during it had happened so fast. He felt excitement and remorse both at the same time. He thought about how that pretty young girl had told him a little about herself. About the mistreatment from men and how hard her life was and how she had ended up there. And how regardless of hearing this information he still did the deed.

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About The Author
John Smith
About This Story
7 Jul, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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