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Women were toys for men!

Women were toys for men!

By george

I had this substantial conversation with a sixty -two year old Swiss. He was my friend, and my spiritual adviser that I ended up calling him "COACH". He sees the world differently, maybe because he came from a culture that is different from us. As a lawyer at his younger age and a writer, he taught me how to see the world based on what's real J
"I am not religious, hope you won't be scared of me because of that" he said with a German accent. "Let me share you this thing about creation, I know you are very familiar with Adam since you are a Dominican graduate". We were eating our lunch that time, steaming rice and seafood curry for our lunch and tiramisu for dessert. The meal was very Filipino away from the usual European cuisine that was served everyday at their home. The breeze was very strong since the dining hall was facing the beach. It was a great day, sunny and windy. When God created the world, it was said that there was only one human, it was Adam. Human was said to be the master piece of God. It was honed from His own image and likeness. The world was very beautiful. It was perfect, it's paradise. Everything was provided but Adam was not happy, practically speaking, he was bored. One day as God come to visit the earth, he saw Adam lying on the grass looking distressed.
God: Adam, what happened to you?
Adam: I am lonely; I want someone of my own kind. You know someone that I can talk too and not these animals.
God: I will make a woman from you but I will cut one of your legs.
Adam: Oh God that would be very painful, I won't.
God: I still have other option,
Adam: (so excited) Tell me then...
God: I will put you into sleep, and when you wake up you will see her, WOMAN.
So Adam was put to into deep sleep like sleeping beauty in fairy tales. God took a rib from him and He formed WOMAN as we know now, EVE. When Adam woke, he saw the most beautiful creature, and turned to love her dearly. And from that day on, they become partners. And that's the birth of this famous quotation: For every man there is always a woman!
Can you explain to me further why you said lately that women are toys for men? I asked him as I sip the wine (Camelot, an Italian wine which taste like ahhh...well it was indescribable but soothing).
"Adam asked God for something not to feel bored right? And toys were made to kill our boredom right? " he stated with a dignified voice.It's as if I'm listening to Zeus,ehehehhehhe.
" Eve is basically a toy to kill the boredom of Adam right???BOOM!!! It took me ten seconds to agree.
" But the point there",he emphasized," Eve came from Adams ribs,so she is a part of him".
"Woman is the missing part of the Man, did you get it Gerlie??? He said as he stared at me with his big blue eyes ."Women were not supposed to be played, they should not be played. A man who plays a woman is basically playing himself and making himself a fool", he ended.WOW that was terrific...I'm speechless J

"And you Kiddo", as he pat my head, "don't worry too much, you are still young, don't hurry coz things come at the right time". "James and I will be watching you. If I were your father, I will be also protective, overprotective but I will let you do what you want coz you have your own life. You are courageous and willing to take the risk. That's the attitude. You are really the EGOIST. Explore the world but be careful kiddo careful..." I feel very happy within. I maybe far from my biological father but I found a new father figure, not only one but two, Eric and James. Well then, they made me a Scandinavian J...

Oh by the way, James is a British psychiatrist currently working as a nursing professor in one of a prestigious university in Dumaguete. He will be back to UK next year together with her Filipina wife who is working as a nurse there. One thing that he wants me to do, "Envision yourself ten years from now"

Eric is a Swiss. He was a retired lawyer and former editor of a local newspaper back in Switzerland. He had been living in the Philippines for almost six years together with her older sister, Beatrix. He owned a beach house in Zamboanguita where I used to visit. The thing that I love to do there is to swim at the pool every night. He owned three dogs namely: Bobby, Bella and Annie. These sweet creatures love to play tennis ball at the beach together with Sandy, James wolf dog.hahahahha and i just discovered, I'm a terrible tennis player...Gooddamn...

Yeah tonight we will be out to eat at Casablanca restaurant and Coco Amigos restaurant to watch our friends perform at Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete city.Have to enjoy my day 'coz tomorrow I will be back to Manila again.

PS: I'm Dora the explorer...haahahhahaa...

Author Notes: THE WANDERER georgia

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27 Mar, 2013
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4 mins
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