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Wonderful Tones and Frightful Distance
Wonderful Tones and Frightful Distance

Wonderful Tones and Frightful Distance

ThomastheRayThomas Ray


Twinkling stars and filtered dirt float around us. Pebbles and seeds have been weeded out, siphoned through the twin hoses of time and decay.

Darling, my heart beats alone.

The towers of aces I built for us are rotting now, consumed by flies and maggots. The warm tunnels and doorways inside are carrion, ruined or absent or both.

My tears are for you and I.

Rippled auroras are my dinner, and the taste lingers​​ far past midnight, s​​​​​​​​​​alty like the memories:// of us.

The peeling paint and weak enamel are scratched away by the claws of the ages, revealing what we accidentally buried long ago. The secret pains and joys o​​​​​f knowing one another have grown stale as the endless summers have drifted to a different realm.

These cuts are deep, my love. It's a good thing I don't bleed.

Trade your grave with mine, and we'll grow closer. Our fingers will worm through the compacted clouds and meet again, and I'll know it's you because of your fingerprints.


Oh the years seemed long. We were fools for ever believing the/y existed. We were naive.

Sing your sonG_, Sweetest, and I'll taste it, even here.

Until next we meet, rememBer the colors of our constellation, and don't forget the space behind it. I'll be theRe. remember the Peaceful ticking of the hand reaching past 5, to 6.



Author Notes: Um.... If anyone can figure out what this is, I'll... I don't know. Get back to me when/if you ever do.

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Thomas Ray
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3 Jan, 2021
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1 min
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