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Words can change

Words can change

By terrixrawr - 1 Review

Lucy Watson Crystelle was born in February 28th, 1993 in Albany, New York 7:32 P.M. Lucy's parents, her mother, Michelle Crystelle and her father, Oliver Crystelle, were so excited to have a baby girl, their first child together. After all, they were only married for a year. As Lucy grew up, she was such a sweet little girl with such cuteness and beauty : Short honey brown mixed with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. By that time, she was only 4 years old, once she turns to 5, she'll be attending a pre-school near by their house. Lucy's family was wealthy due to her grandfather being a millionaire. Lucy was really happy with life, she hurt herself badly sometimes, cried for a few seconds, but stopped. She was a brave and tough little girl. On February 28th, 1997 little Lucy had turned 5 years old. She was excited to be attending a pre-school, although she didn't know how things would go, she still hoped for the best. In the summer, Lucy was playing with her neighborhood friends from down the street and her mother was gone going grocery shopping. Lucy's friend, Maria Ashtony got called into her house for a moment. And Maria came running out about a minute later telling Lucy to get inside the house, quick. Lucy ran inside, went into the Ashtony's kitchen and saw Maria's mother (Daniella) shedding big crystal clear tears. Lucy didn't have to speak to ask what was wrong, the look on her face sent feelings to the mothers heart letting her know she was asking. "Your mo......moth..." "Mother has died." Lucy didn't believe it, this couldn't have happened, her mother was too young, Lucy didn't know other ways people could die besides diseases and natural death. Lucy asked "Ho.. how?" "Your mother died in a car accident.. honey.. I'm so sorry." Daniella went over to hug Lucy tightly. Lucy didn't cry.. she still didn't believe it, she felt like she was in a nightmare and couldn't be woken up. A year after that, Lucy kept wondering where her mother was, could she have really died? Lucy walked over to her father, tapped on his shoulder, and her question came out clearly. "Where's mother?" She made her head turn in a crooked position. Her father coughed to clear his throat. "Lucy.. she's been dead for a year...." "I'm sorry, but, why are you asking me? You know you already knew that." Lucy started to look confused, then her eyes went big, then low and sad, she turned around and walked back upstairs, fell on her bed, and cried. She hated this, so much... she was now in pre-school and had no one to tuck her in at night, read and bake cookies for her.. Lucy knew her father wouldn't do that.. now that her mother is gone Lucy could feel he would do something dangerous eventually. 6 years passed, it's now 2003, Lucy's in fifth grade now, her father beats her, it actually started 3 years before.. all Lucy wants is a friend, a best-friend, someone who will never leave her side, look out for her, tell her feelings to, have a shoulder to cry on.. even if her father still beat her, all she would need is that person... Kids made fun of Lucy for having black eyes, they'd call her "Oh look at the black eye pea." or "Oh, hey fatso!" She wasn't fat, she was average. Lucy was stronger than that to take in those insults and cry about it, but, Lucy had a bunch of things inside of her, she couldn't get it off her chest, it left her weak, vulnerable, sad. Each day she'd go to school each day trying to be happy with the "friends" she had. One day, she'd break down, eventually. Lucy's teacher, Mrs. Aswan, would worry about her because of her black eyes. Her teacher never did ask though. Lucy had enough, she couldn't take it anymore, holding this in. But she had too.. there was no one to talk to. Lucy went home one day and got pushed down the stairs by her father, when Lucy was free to go up to her room, she'd cry and pray for that special somebody to come around and save her. All that praying payed off one day. A girl in named Emelia came up to her one day. Emelia was about 15 years old, long black hair, was scene, but really pretty. She went up to Lucy when she was walking home and talked with her about stuff. Emelia knew what was happening to her, Emelia wanted her to be happy although she barely knew the kid. Lucy was really happy about her company. Emelia would sneak Lucy out at night and sit upon a tree and watch the stars and the night sky and Lucy would tell her feelings to her. Emelia would cry and hug her, they were like sisters but didn't fight, It was beautiful. Lucy kept a few things but she was ready to tell Emelia. When Emelia came over and snuck Lucy out of the house at 11:10 at night, she was ready to tell her about her father who beats her. At about 11:40 P.M when they got to their tree, Lucy spilled it out... all of it. Emelia listened carefully, and really enjoyed the fact that Lucy was there, speaking with her, and trusted her. Tears rolled down her eyes. "Lucy.." Emelia said. Lucy looked up at Emelia. "When was the last time you heard the words, I love you?" A long moment of silence came on. "Not since my mother died.." the little girl finally said. Emelia came back with "I love you, I really do, as a sister y'know?" "You're a brave girl, I live alone to be honest. The city knows me as being independent, maybe we can tell the police about your father then you can live with me?" "But Lucy, one more thing.." "Whenever people be rude to you, don't care what they say. They know that it's wrong but they wanna feel better about themselves, god made you who you are, be grateful of that." "You're an amazing, beautiful girl who will be the most prettiest thing whenever she's older. God bless you, I wish you were my little sister.. my life was like yours before, my mother didn't die though, just know that you're perfectly fine the way you are." Emelia was going to continue, Lucy stopped her. She said "Thank you... so much for making me feel like the most special girl in the world." Lucy smiled, a real smile something she hasn't done in a long time. Lucy plopped her head on Emelia's shoulder, she plopped her head on Lucy's head and they sat there.

What happened afterwards : Lucy and Emelia end up living together. The dad gets arrested, and they live happily ever after.

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22 Apr, 2011
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