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Words of the Dead
Words of the Dead

Words of the Dead

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Why do we develop? Why do we have to make mistakes to learn? If that's what being human is then what's death? Don't we just live to die anyway? Life has always puzzled me, and for one final time I question it.

Is it pointless? Stupid? Unreasonable? I'm no hero, and I'm sure not a God but we all have the answers. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Only you can know. Is there life after death? Only we can know. Our own minds and our bodies are always put through the limits, questioning and doubting ourselves.

Stop. Let go of your fears, your doubts and your insecurities and just hold onto the things you love, your friends, family and hopes, because these are the only things that make a life worth living. Don't grow old regretting your life, grow old roaming free. Once you're here surrounded by those you love, watching them mourn and weep, you don't cry. No, instead smile for them, be thankful that these people are here. For if you regret your past and hide away, your love to these people cannot be spread. Your doubts and fears will be surrounding you, not mourning but laughing because you could not love. Life is not as complex as you may think. Love yourself, love your friends, and never give up.

Author Notes: This one is different to what I may normally write about and I'm not too sure on it. But the only thing that can happen is negative feedback. Thanks for reading, please review.

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16 Oct, 2016
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