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Worms for Two
Worms for Two

Worms for Two

BeowulfAnthony E
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Soggy and wet, wet and soggy

Makes me all mushy, mushy, and groggy

Maybe that's nice for tadpole and froggy

But I want dry land like rabbit and doggy


My parents are blue gills and I'm their daughter

I've never really be fond of all of the water

I want dry land, a park, a teeter totter

Anything but wet slippy and drippy water


To be a bird in the air, to be a hawk or a crow

To be a human sitting out beneath the skies below

To hear a train whistle, to feel the wind blow

Anywhere and everywhere except H2O


I'd like to be a climber, like a ram or goat

Or a fire breathing dragon with heat in its throat

I want to wear clothes, skinny jeans, and a coat

Anything, anything that lives far from a boat


So I swam across the bay and next to the shore

All my fishy warnings I chose to ignore

I felt the soft white sand of the beach floor

No more drips and drops, water no more


Being an amphibian made it difficult to leave

I wore a small oxygen mask so I could breathe

I wore sandals on my fins it was hard to believe

I met a sly smiling raccoon his name was Steve


We walked into Steve's tree, it was just him and me

He had something very important for me to see

As I climbed inside, Steve poured me some tea

I had a strange feeling swimming deep inside of me


Steve made me dinner, oh what a thrill

To eat on land, in a tree, on a hill

I asked what's for dinner and was suprisingly still

Steve answered with a grin, "Fresh Caught Blue Gill"


I was dinner? I couldn't even blink

He'd boil me and foil me, now doesn't that stink

He put me on the counter, I had no time to think

But I saw running water, a drain, and a sink


I made a break for the drain

I had no time to explain

Went through the pipes and out I came

Into my bay, it was all like a game


I was lucky to be where it's wet

Where raccoons can't swim and get

Get blue gills with their claws or nets

I won't be anyone's dinner, not just yet


The thrill of dry land never faded away

I made it back to the beach later one summer day

Then Fell deeply in love with a lovely blue jay

And lived happily ever after, eating worms by the bay.


The End....

Author Notes: Short children's story about discovery and expanding our minds with the thrill of a new experience.

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
22 Nov, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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