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Worst Day Ever

Worst Day Ever

By Banananuggets

I wake up one morning and let my fuzzy vision clear up and turn my head towards the tiny black clock, resting on my night stand. The dim red numbers glow 10:30. Late again. I hop out of bed and fly to the bathroom. If I breeze through my daily routine I could be out of the house in 15 minutes. First things first, drain the weasel. When I got to the toliet I thought I had to pee but something was knocking on the back door. So I pulled me pants all the way down and let nature take it's course. As I near the end I glance to the right and there's no toilet paper... Well nothing I can't fix in the shower. I fling my clothes to the floor and fly in the shower. Letting my skin get nice and wet I reach over for the soap and it looks like a wet hamster on a sunny day. How did all if this hair get there? I really don't have time to pick this off, so a quick rinse was order. I turn the water off and head for the medicine cabinet, brush my teeth and fly back to my room like a ninja in caffeine, get dressed and as I'm, running for the door I stub my toe on the threshold and fall face first into the stone wall in front of my door. I recollected myself with the throbbing pain on my face mocking me along the way. I hop in the car and begin to drive off. I hit the end of the block and the car shuts off. This can't be happening I have to be at work in 10 minutes and it's a 40 minute drive without traffic. A man walks by and I run to him desperately not caring if he knew about cars or not. "sir could please help me, my car has shut off and I don't know what to do." The scruffy man replies "Iight no problem let me take a look." As he glances under the hood a man taps me politely and asks "what time is it? My phone is dead and I have no sense of time." I glance at my phone and without looking up state 11." My heart skips a beat as I stare at the time and faintly hear the man say thank you. I turn around to see how the car is doing but no one us there. As I look up the block I see the scruffy guy breezing up the block. I walk toward the van and my battery is gone. Great. Just what I needed. My phone vibrates in my hand. My boss. I answer the phone with an innocent voice hoping my boss would pity me. That wasn't the case when she screamed in the speaker "YOUR FIRED!". Now what am I supposed to do?

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13 Mar, 2012
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2 mins
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