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Would You Give Me Your Heart, I Promise to Keep It Safe
Would You Give Me Your Heart, I Promise to Keep It Safe

Would You Give Me Your Heart, I Promise to Keep It Safe


There’s this guy I like so much

like a teenage girl in love with ‘love’

I so wanna make him fall in love - With me of course

Clueless of how I’m suppose to do that

He is so much ahead

And I’ve nothing much to show for

Yet still I want to ask him out

He so pretty and feels like a cure to my aching core

I must be insane for I don’t know him at all

Each day I find myself thinking about him more and more

And on the days I don’t see him - I look for him around

I act pretty cool when heaven answers my call

But my mind drops on finding him in view

My heart has an eye for him now

There’s something about him which somehow pulls me a step near

Somewhat like an involuntary reflex

I know I’m crazy and nuts

But I’m beginning to adore him so much

I watch and read him from far

I can’t tell him so I write it instead

I so wish that I too was that damsel extraordinary

To make him want to be mine and proud.

Author Notes: If I could tell him something, anything, I would say -
Dear Crush,
You don’t feel like crush anymore which is scary but in this world where people are busy making money, would you come and be my honey? If you say yes, Pinky promise! I will keep your heart safely tucked inside mine. Although I don’t have any happiness left in me, but I will share the remains of it.

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13 Aug, 2019
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<1 min
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