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Wounded part 2

Wounded part 2

By Katherine37

A few days later they came into the little room with baseball bats and crow bars, I only got hit with a crow bar on e but it hurt the most. I heard the crck as my ribs broke until I blacked out. I few hours later I came around, but the lain was unbearable, I dragged my self, as best I could into the corner where I felt alittle bit safer. Then I heard someone coming down the hall way toward that prison cell. I was so afraid that it would be them again ready to hit me again and again, but it was him, Adam. He picked me up in one arm and ran out he door. He ran all th way to his car, placed me in the front seat, got in and drove away as fast as possible in the slick snowy ground.

A few hours later we reached the house that I had lived in my whole life, the house that I had missed so dearly the past few weeks. My mom ran to the door with a baseball bat because she thought that we were there to rob her. When she realized that it was me she dropped the bat and started to cry and hug me, I couldn't stop her, but Adam had to before I passed out or died I was in so much pain. They took me urge the hospital and I was in surgery for four hours while hey remodled my rib cage and my leg.

A few years latter Adam was still living with us because I convinced him and my parents to let him stay for he had no family to go to. He always played the game like he is the big tough guy, but he really isn't once you get to know him he is as soft and fluffy as cotton candy! :)

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6 Nov, 2011
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